Continued rains in the Northern and Eastern Provinces till the 27th

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(M. Newton)

Jaffna: It is necessary for the people in the low lying areas in the North and East to remain vigilant as the low tide has formed in the Bay of Bengal in the south east of Sri Lanka. University Senior Lecturer Climate Observer Na. Pradeeparaja said.

He made the remarks in a statement issued on climate change.

It further states,

At present it is expected to move to the mainland between the Northern and Eastern Provinces and exit to the Arabian Sea via Puttalam and Mannar.

Due to this, heavy rain is likely in the Northern and Eastern Provinces till Saturday the 27th.

People in low-lying areas need to be vigilant as there is a possibility of continuous heavy rains.

It is also stated that fishermen should avoid going to sea till the upcoming 27th.


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