Controlled, overwhelming, invigorating… The cinema releases of October 26

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The Cairo Conspiracy **

de Tarik Saleh

Swedish film, 2 hours

After Confidential Cairo, the Swedish director of Egyptian origin Tarik Saleh signs this politico-religious thriller crowned with a screenplay prize at the last Cannes Film Festival. This time, it is the fierce struggle for influence between President Al Sissi and the Muslim Brotherhood that serves as the backdrop to its plot. The film, with its controlled staging, has the main originality of making us penetrate into the mysteries of the most prestigious Islamic university in the world, with its religious fervor and its doctrinal confrontations.

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Last Days of a Country Doctor**

d’Olivier Ducray

French film, 1 h 09

This documentary follows the daily life of country doctor Patrick Laine, who has been living in a village in Haute-Saône for thirty-five years. Worn out, he thinks of retiring. But for many of his patients, most of them isolated old people, he is often the only visit they receive and the rumor of his imminent departure causes real distress in many of them. When it’s time to leave, the doctor draws up a disillusioned statement, when no successor presents himself. A damning document, sad revealer of contemporary mentalities.

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My imaginary country ***

by Patrick Guzman

Chilean documentary, 1 h 23

When the anger of the Chilean people awoke in October 2019, filmmaker Patricio Guzmán wanted to be a committed and sometimes incredulous witness to this new hope for democratic renewal. He filmed this generation ” without fear “ who fights step by step against a police force with violent methods, “without leader or ideology”and whose face is essentially feminine.

The director signs a very beautiful documentary, with neat images and soundtrack, which is worth as much by the testimony of a story in progress as by the resonances that it makes vibrate in the filmmaker.

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The school is ours **

by Alexandre Castagnetti

French film, 1 h 43

After a two-year hiatus, Virginie Thévenot, a mathematics teacher, is returning to a college planted in the middle of a housing estate. She is immediately confusing with the innovative initiatives she proposes and transforms the establishment into a laboratory of delightful experiences, in which the students reveal their intellectual curiosity, their skills in technology, cooking, gardening, etc. An invigorating plea for a school capable of supporting individual choices and development.

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