Controversial EU ban on aluminum coffee capsules |

Controversial EU ban on aluminum coffee capsules |

2023-06-01 05:26:00

Are the popular capsules really so harmful to the climate that they have to be banned across Europe?

They were ecologically controversial from the start and yet popular because they facilitated the consumption of good-quality coffee. Now she wants EU-Commission to put an end to the aluminum coffee capsules that have been in widespread use throughout Europe since the early 2000s with a new packaging regulation. According to the draft for the amendment to the regulation (2019/1010), only capsules that are compostable should be permitted in the future. This also applies to stickers and plastic carrier bags attached to fruit and vegetables. But only with coffee capsules an emotional debate is brewing.

In a broadcast, the FPÖ speaks of the “nonsensical EU ban” and “EU regulation mania”. Resistance also comes from the industry. The European Coffee Federation has called for the proposal to be withdrawn. A recycling infrastructure was specially created for aluminum capsules, which does not yet exist for alternatives.

In Austria alone, around 40 percent of households are now equipped with capsule machines.

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