Controversial leader elected to International Police Organization: Named for torture

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ISTANBUL: Major General Ahmed Nasir al-Raisi of the United Arab Emirates has been elected head of the Interpol, an international police organization. The World Police Organization (Interpol) was established in 1923 in Vienna, Austria to prevent international criminal activity. Its leader was Meng Hongwei from China. He has been in office for 4 years and did not return to China in 2018. He is thought to have been arrested by the Chinese government on charges including corruption.

In this regard, this year’s Interpol public meeting took place yesterday in Istanbul. The controversial Maj. Gen. Ahmed Nasir al – Raisi, from the United Arab Emirates, has been named the new head of Interpol. His term of office is four years. He is currently the IG of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the United Arab Emirates. He faces charges of human rights abuses, including torture. Controversial election of Interpol chief has caused a stir in the international police force.

* CBI Special Director Sinha on the Executive Committee
There was fierce competition between India, China, Singapore, Korea and Jordan for the 2 member seats to be elected from Asia to the Interpol Committee’s Executive Committee. Of these, CBI Special Director Praveen Sinha has been selected from India. He was supported by various countries. To this end, Indian officials have contacted various countries through embassies to mobilize support.

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