Controversial trend towards medical care centers

Controversial trend towards medical care centers

2023-05-26 20:43:51

The medical center in Großkrotzenburg is scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2023.
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Fewer and fewer doctors want to run their own practice, instead they are employed in medical care centers. A company from Gießen has recognized this as a business model – and defends itself against criticism.

“Medical care centers make a significant and indispensable contribution to outpatient care provided by statutory health insurance.” This is the conclusion of a report commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Health in 2020. Nevertheless, there are currently discussions about this form of medical centers, in which Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) is also eagerly involved. He recently railed against financial investors who “with absolute greed for profit buy up medical care centers with different specialist practices in order to then operate them with maximum profit”. He wanted to ban the entry of these “locusts” by law, and only entrepreneurial doctors should have the say.

The IWG Holding from Gießen, which is building precisely such medical supply centers (MVZ), is opposed to such assessments and the threatened tightening of the law. The investors in this field are by no means locusts who are only out for speculative profits, says Alexander Bechtler, specialist lawyer for medical law and spokesman for the group of companies whose medical centers operate under the Medzentrum brand. Rather, the companies ensured outpatient care, especially in rural areas. IWG Holding has been building and renting medical and health centers since 2004. The starting point was a change in the law in 2004, according to which the practice owner no longer necessarily has to be a doctor. Since then, an investor who can employ doctors has also been allowed to take this position.

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