In Kerala, a car driver was fined Rs. 500 for not wearing a helmet properly.

Ajith, a native of Kerala, owns a Maruti Alto. But there was a bizarre incident where the traffic police fined him Rs.500 for not wearing a helmet. He was given a receipt stating that he had been fined for “allowing a motorcyclist to wear a helmet that was not securely tied to his head.” But the controversy arose because he did not own a two-wheeler.

Kerala Car Owner Fined ₹500 for 'Not Wearing Helmet Properly' |

During interrogation it was revealed that he was fined based on the camera footage. Examination of the footage shows two people riding a bike without a helmet on December 7, 2021. The last two digits of the bike’s registration number are not known and the two digits are decided as “77” and Ajith is fined. But Ajith who says those two digits are “11” is not going to pay the fine. I am going to lodge a complaint with the Motor Vehicle Office. ”

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