Cooku with comali pughaz latest photo goes viral – தமிழ் News

One of the celebrities who became famous through the show ‘Cook with a Clown’ is his fame as a clown and he is currently acting in comedy roles in many films including ‘Strength’ which Ajith has just finished.

At this point it was known that Cook would be accustomed to women when attending various shows, including the clown show, as well as the fact that Fame would post photos with several women on her social website.

But now it looks like he is with a teenager in a photo he has just posted. He also wished her a happy birthday partner. After all, is she the girlfriend of fame? Future wife? Fans have raised the question. It seems that this woman also works for Vijay TV.

So fame, is this girl in love? Are you going to get married soon? Let’s see depending on that.



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