Coonoor helicopter crash: Investigation report dismisses possibility of coup, not mechanical failure

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New Delhi: The helicopter crash that killed 14 people, including Joint Chiefs of Staff General Bipin Rawat, was not caused by a mechanical failure or a coup, according to an investigation report. The helicopter crashed into the ground due to climate change and crashed into the ground, Indian Air Force sources said, citing news agency ANI. The probe team submitted its preliminary findings on the cause of the accident to the defense minister last week.

‘The accident was caused by a helicopter entering the clouds due to an unexpected change in the weather in the valley. This led the pilot to spatial disorientation. The helicopter then crashed, the Indian Air Force said in a statement. This is the first time the findings of the Air Force investigation have been officially released.

The investigation team analyzed the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. And questioned all available witnesses to determine the cause of the accident. The investigation report also states that mechanical failure, sabotage or negligence were not the cause of the accident. The investigation was led by Air Marshal Manavendra Singh.

On December 8, 14 people, including General Bipin Rawat, were killed when an Air Force Mi-17 V5 helicopter crashed. The accident happened on the way from Sulur to Wellington. The Chief of Army Staff left the Sulur Air Force Base in Coimbatore to attend a function at the Wellington Defense Service Staff College (DSSC).

General Bipin Rawat and his wife Dr. Madhulika Rawat, Brigadier L.S. Leader, Lt Col Harjinder Singh, Group Captain Varun Singh, Nayak Guru Sevak Singh, Nayak Jitendra Kumar, Lance Nayak Vivek Kumar, Lance Nayak b. Sai Teja, Havildar Satpal, junior warrant officer and flight engineer from Sulur, Pradeep Kumar from Puthur, Thrissur, junior warrant officer Das, pilot wing commander Chauhan and squadron leader Kuldeep Singh were killed in the accident.

Content Highlights: Chopper crash: Inquiry rules out mechanical failure, blames spatial disorientation of pilots in clouds leading to the accident


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