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December 6, 2022

Sealed Air, whose revenues in 2021 were $5.5 billion, will develop new packaging products with Haikon, purchase systems from it and also invest in it

Highcon Systems of Yavne reported today (Tuesday) to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange about a strategic cooperation agreement with the American packaging manufacturer Sealed Air. The agreement focuses on the development of new packaging products, expansion into new markets and the improvement of production capabilities using Haikon’s technologies, and it will also include an investment by Sealed Air in Haikon in the amount of 8 million dollars in a loan that can be converted into shares, as well as a component of options that will be granted to the American company against making future purchases of products Hikon up to a total purchase amount of about 20 million dollars over 3 years.

The cooperation agreement includes the purchase of a Beam 2C machine, which is used for the digital production of corrugated cardboard for packaging. the machine Will be installed in one of Sealed Air’s factories during the first quarter of 2023. Shield Air Produces packaging for many industries, including food and beverages. Its revenues in 2021 amounted to 5.5 billion dollars and it is traded on the NASDAQ at a value of 7.7 billion dollars. The company’s headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the company employs about 16,500 people in 114 countries, with about 100 production sites and factories.

Hikon’s technology is protected by 60 patents and is based on the immediate production of templates using a laser beam and a solidifying polymer, and the immediate creation of folding lines and cutting the cardboard (corrugated and rigid) from which the packages are made (by folding and gluing). Haikon employs about 100 people in Israel and around the world. It was founded in 2009 by Aviv Ratzman and Michael Zimmer, and is currently managed by Shlomo Nimrodi.

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