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When we pay for original products and get fakes, we lose faith in the company. Counterfeit products such as medicines, auto parts and brakes are claiming many lives. Globally, counterfeit products are predicted to cause losses of more than 34 lakh crore rupees by 2022. Although holographic labels and barcodes are being used, using modern technologies, counterfeiters can easily enter. Bangalore-headquartered ‘Nous Technologies’, a ‘start-up’ company, has found a solution for this. It is a major innovation in the field of packaging technology.

unique code

The company works directly with manufacturers. Also helps resellers and distributors of manufacturers worldwide. The company’s flagship labeling solution, called ‘SCoT’, generates a unique code each time it is affixed to a product. To ensure that counterfeiting is prevented, each unit of the same product receives a new code; A new code is generated whenever a label is removed and reused. It can be scanned and read through the app; Through this, they can track and authenticate their products.

Fee for solutions ie, ‘SCoT’ uses keywords that create a unique digital signature for each label while using similar labels. Once this unique signature is applied to a product or packaging, each unique signature is recorded on a central server.

This makes it a powerful tool for detecting fakes. These labels can also include the manufacturer’s logo. The company currently works with industry segments such as pharmaceuticals, FMCG, fashion, and automobiles. Solutions charge a fee based on the volume of labels generated.

The company charges according to the number of labels it uses. The company also plans to set up branches in the US and Europe. Company Website Address: For your queries: Sethuraman.sathappan, Mobile: 9820451259, www startup and buisness

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