Corona measures: Gassen, head of statutory health insurance doctors, is pushing for “Freedom Day” – domestic politics

Like Denmark, Germany should end all corona restrictions!

This is what the head of statutory health insurance physicians, Andreas Gassen (59), calls for. “What the Danes can do, we have to be able to do as well. It is time to end all Corona measures now – following the example of Denmark, ”Gassen told BILD.

The Danes stopped all corona measures on September 10. The number of infections has not risen since then, but rather at the same level as in Germany despite complete loosening. The number of intensive care patients or corona deaths in Denmark did not skyrocket four weeks after “Freedom Day”.

The Danish vaccination quota at that time: 73 percent.

Gassen says: “The starting position in Germany is the same today. If not better. Thanks to the presumably significantly higher vaccination numbers reported by the Robert Koch Institute. “

Because the fact is: The vaccination rate in Germany is much higher than expected. The rate of 65.3 percent that the RKI shows on the vaccination dashboard is far too low. According to the RKI, around 3.5 million people who were fully vaccinated were not recorded, as a survey showed.

This means that Germany is roughly at the level that the Danes had when they ended the corona measures.

“Freedom Day” should not mean flying blind with Corona, warns Gassen: “Of course, that does not mean that we drive without guard rails: We should continue to keep an eye on the hospitalization rate and deaths as indicators in order to take countermeasures in case of doubt. And of course we should try to convince even more people to be vaccinated. “

Instead of corona obligations, Gassen prefers to rely on personal responsibility: “Of course, everyone is free to continue protecting themselves with a mask and distance – but the obligation has to go.”



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