Corona Officer Zarqa: The fifth wave has begun

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Against the background of the increase in the coefficient of infection, Corona Commissioner Prof. Salman Zarqa admits this evening (Wednesday) that the fifth wave of the Corona epidemic in Israel has begun. In a conversation with Katie Dor in the “Tonight News” here 11 he says: “We are no longer between the waves – we are at the beginning of a wave”.

Zarqa went on to say: “When we thought about the fifth wave we did not think about this increase, we thought about importing a new variant from abroad, about what is currently happening in Europe. “This increase in the coefficient of infection is too fast and too early, I do not want to call it a fifth wave or a wave at all, I want the public help to turn it off and return to the descending graph.”

It was also reported tonight that the Ministry of Health fears mass infection at Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, and that if the increase continues, they will consider returning the latest restrictions, including reducing gatherings inside buildings from 600 to 400, reducing events without a green sign inside buildings from 100 to -50 and returning the masks in the open air.

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Prof. Gili Regev: Positive evidence on the duration of the booster effectiveness

Prof. Gili Regev Yochai from Tel Hashomer Hospital told News Today that preliminary data from the antibody research conducted in her laboratory show that the effect of the booster on the effectiveness of the vaccine is significantly higher than the second dose of the vaccine.

Tonight it was reported on the “Pocket Games” program here 11 that the Ministry of Health has decided that students of Arab society will also participate in the anti-testing campaign at Hanukkah, even though they are not on school leave. The possibility that another antigen operation will also take place after the holidays for Arab society, in early January, is also being examined.

Regarding the current antigen testing operation at the Ministry of Education, it is said that unlike the operation after Sukkot, this time the assessments are already in the schools and will be distributed on the Monday before going on leave. The Ministry of Education estimates that a single percentage of positive students will be located in the operation – between tens and hundreds of students. The big challenge, say the Ministry of Education, will be to recruit parents again to cooperate.

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According to one of the forecasts presented to the ministers in the Corona Cabinet, which convened last night in a scenario known as “optimistic” in which the infection coefficient will stop at 1.1 – in the first week of January there will be more than 1,000 verified in Israel. To 3,000 verified. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told ministers that an “antigen test” is needed for kindergarten and school students before returning to school from the Hanukkah holiday. He added that if there is an outbreak in a specific production, it will be canceled.

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