Mumbai Mayor Kishori Betnegar has warned that a full curfew will be imposed if the damage exceeds a certain number. The mayor said the public must wear a mask and that the cause of the entire curfew is the way they behave.

As many as 8,082 people were diagnosed with corona in a single day in Mumbai yesterday. This is the largest one-day impact since April 18, 2021.

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Medical experts have warned that the vulnerabilities will increase in the coming days. Yesterday alone, 40 people in Mumbai were confirmed to have an omega-3 infection. Based on this, the omega ray impact in Mumbai has touched 368. In view of the spread, all schools except 10th and 12th class have been ordered to close till January 31.

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Class 10,12 students are also offered the option of attending schools if they wish. The Mumbai administration is also considering sealing vulnerable areas or buildings as the omega is spreading fast as recommended by experts. Under the new control rules, if 20 percent of the total population in a building or area is infected, that area or building will be sealed.

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Mumbai Mayor Kishori Bednekar has called for strict adherence to the Corona Prevention Rules, warning of a complete curfew in Mumbai if the one-day impact exceeds 20,000.

Hospital facilities in Mumbai have increased by 15 per cent in the last 4 days alone. Currently 574 people were admitted to hospitals yesterday alone with corona infections.

The Mumbai Corporation has arranged for 30,565 beds. Of these, 12.2 per cent, or 3,735 beds, were filled and 14 per cent (2,720) were ICUs. The beds here are firmly in the budget range.

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