Corona: Top virologists attack Spahn’s 2G plans – they want free tests back – domestic policy

The resolutions of Health Minister Jens Spahn (41, CDU) and his country colleagues are just a day old – and they are already being massively questioned. Because: For many, the new measures do not go far enough.

The two top virologists Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit and Hendrik Streeck attacked Spahn and the health ministers indirectly, and see other problems in addition to the much-invoked “pandemic of the unvaccinated” (Spahn).

Schmidt-Chanasit warned on Saturday on Deutschlandfunk against overestimating the effect of the 2G rule (admission only of vaccinated and convalescent people to events). He explained that 2G only provides “bogus security”. Vaccinated people could also become infected and transmit the virus, even if the probability is lower.

Schmidt-Chanasit’s consequence: If you really want security, only 1G will help – i.e. to test all of them, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated, unvaccinated or recovered. This should especially apply to problematic areas where vulnerable people are at risk. The virologist warned that the important instrument of testing should not be given up. He also promoted a “test offensive” and criticized the abolition of the free citizen tests in mid-October.

The Bonn virologist Hendrik Streeck is also skeptical of the 2G rule. Streeck told the editorial network Germany (RND): “Those who have been vaccinated have the feeling that they are no longer part of the pandemic and that they are correspondingly risky. The second problem is the unvaccinated, who are excluded and even less likely to be tested ”.

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The Bonn virologist Hendrik Streeck wants the free tests to returnPhoto: Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa

That could lead to uncontrolled outbreaks. “If unvaccinated people are not allowed to take part in social life, they organize celebrations at home, for example. The infection process can no longer be controlled there at all, ”he warned. Streeck therefore also called for the rapid reintroduction of free corona tests.

Also public doctors for additional compulsory tests

The two virologists receive support from the medical officers in Germany. In view of the increasing number of new infections, they plead for an expansion of the Covid rapid tests for vaccinated people.

The chairwoman of the Federal Association of Doctors in the Public Health Service, Ute Teichert, told the newspapers of the Funke media group: “The higher the incidences are now, the more necessary it is that in principle, in addition to the unvaccinated, vaccinated people are also tested before they are allowed access, for example Retirement homes and clinics. ”The decision of the Conference of Health Ministers to allow vaccinated and convalescents to have an additional test when entering care facilities is a step in the right direction.

The health ministers of the federal states met on Friday among other things agreed on measures to protect nursing homes. Accordingly, there should be mandatory free tests by staff and visitors to homes, including those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered.

Depending on the infection rate, the federal states should determine when vaccinated and convalescent people need to be tested. The ministers reject compulsory vaccination for nursing staff.

Map: Corona vaccination monitoring in the federal states - infographic

Teichert further said: “The previous factual equality of vaccinated, recovered and tested people in the form of the 3G rule must be reconsidered.” Those who have been vaccinated can still pass the virus on without falling ill themselves. This must be emphasized more in public. A test is not a punishment for vaccinated people, but an additional means to prevent new infections.

Saxony: 2G from Monday

In Germany As of Monday, Saxony will be the first federal state to implement the 2G rule in parts of public life across the board and mandatory.

The neighboring country Austria decided on Friday in the fight against the fourth corona wave to introduce a nationwide 2G rule. People without a vaccination or proof of recovery will no longer be allowed to visit bars, hairdressers and events from Monday. The same applies to access to tourist businesses.



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