Pyongyang: President Kim Jong Un has said that the situation in North Korea is currently under control.

Corona virus infection was first detected in China in 2019. The Chinese government imposed stricter controls, including curfews, to curb the spread of the virus as large-scale casualties increased. The corona virus that is plaguing the world has taken a heavy toll on many countries. But North Korea, described as the Iron Curtain, was not harmed. The World Health Organization says no one in North Korea has been diagnosed with corona infection.

In this case, the first Govt-19 outbreak in North Korea was confirmed due to an easily transmitted omega-3 type corona infection. A state of emergency was declared across the country and curfews were imposed. Medicines were distributed to the people of the country by the army.

While it was initially reported that the corona infection was caused by a trade relationship with China, it is also said that the corona spread through a recent massive military parade.

Corona has infected more than 20 million people in North Korea so far. 68 people have been killed. In this case, the corona is currently under control in North Korea, said President Kim Jong Un.

The North Korean state media said, “Corona death toll in North Korea has dropped dramatically due to preventive measures being taken across the country.” Also, the number of survivors has increased; The number of infections has also decreased. The corona is currently under control. North Korea has done well against the Corona, “said President Kim.

Medical facilities are very limited in North Korea. In particular, there are very few laboratories that can detect the corona virus. South Korea and the United States have said they are ready to help North Korea control the spread of the virus. It is noteworthy, however, that North Korea did not accept this.

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