Corona vaccination prevented almost 2,200 deaths

The corona vaccination prevented almost 2,200 deaths by the end of July. A model calculation carried out by the Ministry of Health is based on this and has now been published following a parliamentary request from NEOS. The ministry puts the number of people who were spared hospitalization at almost 5,800. NEOS health spokesman Gerald Loacker therefore calls on the government and the federal states to make more efforts to achieve higher vaccination coverage.

So far, 10,837 people have died in Austria after a corona infection – according to AGES, 2,662 of them in the months of February to July. For the model calculation, the ministry has now compared these figures with the values ​​that would have been expected without vaccination. The basic assumption is that the number of infections and deaths without vaccination would also have developed in those over 65 years of age in the same way as the number of cases in the 16 to 65 year olds (at that time largely unvaccinated).

The model calculation comes to the conclusion that the corona pandemic would have claimed 2,177 additional deaths without the vaccination. In addition, 2,278 people would have had to be treated in additional intensive care units. That would be two thirds more than the 3,500 patients who actually ended up in an intensive care unit from January to July. According to the model calculation, the vaccination saved a total of 5,789 people from hospital treatment.

NEOS MP Gerald Loacker asked for the Ministry’s calculations. “These calculations show once again how well the COVID vaccinations work,” he said in a broadcast. He also criticizes the Upper Austrian FP boss Manfred Haimbuchner, who recently described the vaccination rate as not decisive. “You are clearly the game changer, even if an Upper Austrian provincial councilor who would have died of COVID without an intensive care unit claims the opposite – namely because the vaccinations not only prevent deaths, but usually also difficult courses,” emphasizes Loacker. He calls on the government to do more for a higher vaccination coverage and criticizes the low vaccination coverage in Austria compared to Western Europe.


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