Coronavirus, Crisanti: “If we test teachers, pupils and parents we go back to class, but it takes two months”

“The government has made us gain 5-6 weeks on Spain and France.” – Ansa /Courier TV

“If you test teachers, pupils and parents, we can safely return to class. In Padua, a tampon costs us two and a half euros, no more, if we set up the machine we can be more efficient. But we can do it only in a couple of months, which is the time we have an advantage over France and Spain thanks to the action of the Government, which has gradually removed the social restrictions, instead of removing the prohibitions all together. Professor Crisanti intervenes in In Onda and explains his ideas to contain the new expansion of the virus and to safely reopen schools. «The positives about the students? They could be 2-3% “



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