Coronavirus emergency: in US sport we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel

From the April 5th last the stars and stripes baseball has finally begun to relive his great emotions. THE Texas Rangers hosted i Toronto Blue Jays in front of the largest crowd, never seen in a sporting event, in the United States, for over a year. The game, held in Arlington (Texas) is a real return to the past (ie before the Coronavirus paralyzed America).

“It felt like we were back in the old days when we had full capacity,” he explained Chris Woodward, manager dei Rangers. In MLS (“Major League Baseball”) The teams lost several billion dollars during a largely fanless 2020 season. In fact, it was a hopeful sign to see baseball fans cover for the 94.8% of the filling capacity, the 40,300 seats of the stadium, surpassing sports-entertainment events such as the “Daytona 500″ (which allowed the entry of just over 30 thousand fans) or the “Super Bowl” (24,835), both scheduled for last February.

But the difference was even more stark than the numbers rough suggested considering the capacity of the other locations. The Daytona International Speedway of Daytona Beach, Florida, can contain 101.500 fan. The Raymond James Stadium, a Tampa, Florida, can be used to hold up to 75 thousand spectators. As a result, both events used huge spaces to ensure social distances between supporters. The Rangers fans, on the other hand, last April 5, were all seated side by side in the stadium “- has explained Marco Mazzi – founder & CEO Tre Emme * (in the photo in the foreground).

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However, there are conflicting opinions: Health officials in Florida have said that the SuperBowl it has not become a vehicle for the super diffusion of the contagion. Anthony S. Fauci, the US government’s leading infectious disease expert, said baseball games are “fairly safe,” because most of the events are played in outdoor stadiums. Instead, the director of health and human services for Dallas County (which borders the city of Arlington), has publicly called this action too premature.

Despite the lack of restrictions in Texas, i Rangers intend to reduce the capacity of Globe Life Field for future matches, so as to allow and continue to guarantee social distancing. What happened was allowed because so many fans weren’t able to “live” the Globe Life Field (newly built facility) last season (during the terrible lockdown period).

* founder and CEO of Tre Emme


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