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In Brussels, protests against the anti-coronavirus restrictions imposed by the Belgian government on Sunday evening, November 21, escalated into riots. Police fired tear gas and water cannons after, according to eyewitnesses, some demonstrators started throwing stones and smoke bombs.

Earlier in a peaceful protest in Brussels, according to police, about 35 thousand people took part. Due to the rapid increase in the incidence of covid, the Belgian authorities hastily introduced restrictions on November 17, which caused discontent among the country’s residents.

New riots in the Netherlands

The Netherlands also saw massive protests on 20 and 21 November, followed by riots. According to the mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Abutaleb, the situation has escalated so much that the police were forced to shoot. According to official figures, three people were hospitalized with gunshot wounds. In the area of ​​Rotterdam, where the riots took place, meetings were banned. The city authorities reported the arrest of 51 people, about half of them minors.

Meanwhile, on the evening of November 21, protests erupted into riots in other cities in the Netherlands, such as Leeuwarden, Groningen, Enschede and Tilburg. About 40 people were arrested across the country.

Partial lockdown in the Netherlands

Due to the rise in coronavirus infections, the Dutch government has introduced a partial lockdown. Bars, restaurants and supermarkets must close no later than 8 pm, other shops at 6 pm. Residents are allowed to gather at home in groups of no more than four people. The rule of remote work and mandatory social distance of 1.5 meters has been reintroduced.

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