Coronavirus, the book recommended by Marcello Simoni for the days to be spent at home: “The poems of François Villon, the accursed”

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«A scholar but also a criminal who writes using the jargon of criminals in 15th century Paris» | Courier TV

It is the writer Marcello Simoni who today suggests the book to read in the days to be spent at home for the coronavirus emergency. And his choice is «The testament and other poems» by François Villon, «cursed poet who lives in Paris in the second half of the 15th century and who also uses the jargon of the criminals of the time in his works. An ambiguous figure who has inspired writers such as Robert Luis Stevenson and Marcel Schwob ».
Marcello Simoni’s latest book is «The wolf in the abbey», a medieval thriller published by Mondadori in 2019. If the bookstores in your city do not deliver to your home, all the books can be purchased online or from the websites of publishing houses .


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