Coronavirus, the director of Spallanzani: “Vaccine by spring”

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Francesco Vaia of the Rome hospital at Fiumicino airport – Ansa /Courier TV

«If we manage to be fast, as well as good, by the end of the year we will conclude the” path “of the experimentation and by next spring we will be able to have the vaccine marketed. Tomorrow, in fact, we will begin to experiment with it and it is all Italian, Spallanzani, ReiThera company ». This is what the Health Director of the Lazzaro Spallanzani hospital in Rome, Francesco Vaia, reported at Fiumicino airport. «We begin the so-called Phase 1 which is the phase of safety and immunogenicity: that is to say that there must be no side effects and that it must be able to develop naturalizing antibodies. In autumn, then Phase 2 and 3 – concludes Vaia – probably abroad, on the sick, especially in places such as Brazil, Mexico and other countries where the contagion is much stronger ».


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