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Coronavirus updates on Friday 1st October

Italy close to the target of 80% vaccinated against Covid among the over-12, which could be reached next week. But there are still 8.3 million who have not even received a dose. A cut in quarantine days is being studied for classes with vaccinated pupils. Waiting for the weekly monitoring of the ISS. Australia will soon reopen its borders. Meanwhile, in Italy there are 3,804 new cases and 51 deaths: here the data of the latest balance sheet for Thursday 30 September (to consult the bulletins that show the situation since the beginning of the pandemic: here those of 2021, here those of 2020). Here is the map of the contagion in the world.

15.00 – More than 50 countries in the world do not reach 10% of vaccinated

More than 50 countries in the world have vaccinated less than 10% of their population at the end of September, one of the goals set by the Wave Health Organization (WHO) against the spread of Covid-19. These are mainly low-income countries where there are gaps and chronic problems in terms of infrastructure and health personnel as well as supply. In some, moreover, conflicts and civil wars are ongoing that worsen the situation, such as in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Myanmar. Others, like Haiti, have been brought to their knees by the advent of natural disasters with mass vaccination, which has increasingly disappeared from the list of national priorities.

14.50 – Merck asks for US authorization for a pill against Covid

Merck will seek emergency clearance in the United States as soon as possible for the first anti-Covid pill. Clinical tests conducted – says the pharmaceutical giant – have shown that the oral drug reduces the risk of hospitalizations and deaths when administered to high-risk people in the early stages of infection. The Merck pill, developed to stop the coronavirus from replicating, is taken for five days, four tablets a day.

2.30 pm – The emergency in Romania returns, new restrictions

The fourth wave of Covid contagion records worrying numbers in Romania, where in the last 24 hours there have been another 10,887 cases and 169 deaths. The capital Bucharest has also been particularly affected in recent days, where the incidence of the infection has reached 7.5% per thousand inhabitants, a huge percentage if you consider that just a month ago it was 0.85%. The sudden resumption of the pandemic with the sharp surge in cases has forced the authorities to run for cover and to impose new restrictive measures on the population.

2.00 pm – Finland vaccinates mink

Unlike Denmark, which exterminated millions of minks for fear that they could be carriers of Covid, Finland has decided to start vaccinating them. The animals will be immunized with an investigational drug provided that more data on its safety are provided by the end of December, as explained by the senior executive of the Finnish Food Authority Liisa Kaartinen.

11.30 – Costa: Three million unvaccinated are a risk

There is no doubt that the over 3 million over 50s still without vaccination coverage represent a risk factor for the National Health Service. And a fact that we must keep constantly monitored: the undersecretary of health, Andrea Costa, highlighted it. In recent weeks there has been an increase in vaccination bookings even in these age groups – he continues -, but not enough. I hope that the extension of the Green pass from 15 October will convince others to get vaccinated.

10.45 am – Israel, about one million without a green pass

From next Sunday over a million Israelis will remain, according to the new rules in force in the country, without the Green Pass, not having carried out the third dose of the vaccine 5/6 months after the second. The media reported this on the basis of statistics released by the Ministry of Health. The lack of the Green Pass prevents access to many public places and events, including restaurants and museums. Alternatively you can get a temporary Green Pass with a negative pad. To date, about 3,400,000 Israelis have had the third dose.

10.20 am – Japan exits from an emergency, trains full again

Commuters have returned to fill the trains in Japan, after the country yesterday emerged from the state of emergency linked to Covid-19, after more than six months of closures. At the Shinagawa station in Tokyo, travelers, all strictly with masks, crowded the means to go to work, despite the approach of typhoon Mindulle. Some were returning to the office for the first time after months of smartworking. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga thanked the people asking them to respect the anti-contagion rules: Once again, I ask for your cooperation so that we can safely return to our lives.

9.20 am – Continuous decrease in incidence equal to 37, Rt stable at 0.83

The value of the incidence of cases from Covid-19 continues to decline this week, while the transmissibility index Rt remains stable. the incidence at the national level is decreasing: 37 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (24/09 / 2021-30 / 09/2021) compared to 45 per 100,000 inhabitants the previous week, and below the weekly threshold of 50 cases that could allow tracking-based transmission control. In the period 8-21 September, the mean Rt calculated on symptomatic cases was instead equal to 0.83 (range 0.81 – 0.85), below the epidemic threshold and stable compared to the previous week when it reached the value of 0.82. This is evidenced by the draft of the weekly monitoring by Iss-Ministry of Health under examination by the control room. The occupation of Covid patients in hospital wards continues, albeit slightly. The employment rate in intensive care continues to drop and reaches 5.1% (daily survey by the Ministry of Health), with a slight decrease in the number of people hospitalized from 516 (21/09/2021) to 459 (28/09 / 2021). The employment rate in medical areas nationwide falls to 5.9%. The number of people hospitalized in these areas decreased slightly from 3,937 (21/09/2021) to 3,418 (28/09/2021). The low risk for all regions, except Lazio, where moderate. Sicily should return to white from Monday. Sardinia has the lowest Rt index in Italy: 0.57 against a national average of 0.83.

8.00 – One million more smokers and 4 kg weight gain
The coronavirus pandemic risks being followed by an epidemic of diseases caused by incorrect lifestyles, from cancers to rheumatological diseases to cardiovascular ones such as heart attack and stroke. The consequences of the long months of lockdown are clear. In 2021, there are over 1 million more smokers than in the past (they reached 11.3 million, equal to 26.2% of the population compared to 23.3% in January 2020). 44% of citizens increased in weight between smart working and reduction in physical activity following the closure of gyms and swimming pools (the increase was an average of 4 kg). In addition, in 2020 there were increases of 23.6% among males and 9.7% of females in excessive consumption of alcohol that can put health at risk. For this reason, the scientific societies gathered in the Permanent Forum on the National Health System in the post Covid launch, together with the Coni, a 360-degree project aimed at all citizens to promote healthy lifestyles.

7.58 am – Australia reopens its borders after 18 months

Australia will soon reopen its borders after 18 months in which, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, its citizens have not been allowed to leave the country without permission. Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced this, stating that vaccinated Australians will be able to return home and travel overseas in a few weeks. The time has come to give the Australians their lives back, said Morrison, we are preparing for this and Australia will be ready for take-off very soon.

7.30 – Vaccines, over 79 thousand third doses in Italy

There are 79,164 third doses of the vaccine against Covid 19 administered in Italy, 8.50% of the population subject to an additional dose / booster. The Italians who have had at least one dose are, instead, 45,209,354, 83.71% of the population over 12 while those who have completed the vaccination cycle are 42,524,705, 78.74% of the population over 12. reads the report of the extraordinary commissioner for the health emergency updated at 06.14 today. The vaccine doses administered in Italy are 84,802,925, 85.8% of the total of those delivered, equal to 98,881,190 so far (in detail 70,143,190 Pfizer / BioNTech, 15,235,737 Moderna, 11,543,371 Vaxzevria- AstraZeneca and 1,958,892 Janssen).

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