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Coronavirus updates on Monday 18 October

Waiting for today the true proof of the entry into force of the extension of the obligation of Green pass. After the test last Friday, official day, today there is waiting for the first Monday with the new rules. Yesterday queues in pharmacies and health hubs in various cities were reported, but the real sprint occurred at the turn of the entry into force of the mandatory certification for workers: between 14 and 16 October, in fact, 2 were downloaded, 5 million passes, with the record reached on Friday (867,039). Meanwhile, the latest bulletin for Sunday 17 October records 2,437 new cases and 24 deaths in Italy. Here the latest bulletin. Here is the map of the contagion in the world.

8.27 am – Auckland, lockdown extended by two weeks
The first New Zealand minister Jacinda Ardern has extended the lockdown in Auckland for another two weeks, in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus. If we respect it well, if we keep the number of cases down while vaccinating people, then it will be easier for us to keep control of Covid as we relax the restrictions in the future. This is everyone’s goal, he said.

8.10 am – Magrini (Aifa) al Courier service: Easy to adapt vaccines to new variants. Third dose for the frail by November
The coronavirus is constantly changing and new variants could pierce the vaccines currently used. It is expected that variations may arise – explains the director of Aifa Nicola Magrini in an interview with Corriere della Sera
– but vaccines based on mRNA technology can be modified in a few months to respond to new waves. The number of new cases – he continues – is much higher than in Italy but, in proportion to the infections, the deaths are few. This means that the protection given by vaccines remains high. In our country, the aim is to administer the third dose to immunosuppressed, over 80 and frail people by autumn, which is very important for them and also important for those over 60.

7.56 am – Pregliasco: Third dose every year for risk categories
After 6 months there is a percentage drop in coverage, which in any case guarantees a certain protection and today it is said: let’s be satisfied with this residual capacity for the general population, let’s evaluate how winter is going and wait to revaccinate everyone. For you started doing the third dose for the most frail and in addition, booster vaccination is being planned for the elderly. For now, we are protecting them and the health workers who are on the front lines. I think then the vaccination will be proposed again from year to year as the flu one for the categories at risk. So is the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, health director Ircss Galeazzi of Milan, su Cusano Italy Tv.

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