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Coronavirus updates on Friday 22 October

The anti-pass march scheduled for today in Trieste was revoked by the organizers, with the coordinator Puzzer who feared the risk of infiltrations and accidents. We are moving towards the removal of the Guarantor of the Ivrea detainees, who in an anti-pass post on Fb compared Prime Minister Mario Draghi to the former terrorist Cesare Battisti. The number of sickness certificates presented by workers in the first days of the obligation of the green certificate is also growing. Meanwhile, the latest bulletin relating to Thursday 21 October records 3,794 new cases in Italy, 36 deaths. Here is the map of the contagion in the world.

10.00 – Altems, in a month 44 million spent on unvaccinated hospitalizations

Avoidable hospitalizations of unvaccinated patients cost over 44 million euros in just one month. the estimate of the Instant Report Covid-19, an initiative of the High School of Economics and Management of Health Systems of the Catholic University of systematic comparison of the trend in the spread of Sars-COV-2 at a national level. In the period 3 September-3 October, the Altems report notes, infections in the vaccinated population stop at 19.62 per 100,000 inhabitants per week while in the unvaccinated population the incidence at 103.66. From the point of view of hospitalizations, considering the unvaccinated people, every week 9.68 people per 100,000 inhabitants end up in the Medical Area and 1.17 people per 100,000 inhabitants in intensive care. At the same time, among the vaccinated, 1.25 people per 100,000 inhabitants end up in the Medical Area and 0.09 people per 100,000 inhabitants in intensive care. 94% of the unvaccinated hospitalized would not be hospitalized in the Medical Area if they had been vaccinated. Of the unvaccinated ICU patients, 96% would have avoided hospitalization in the Critical Area. Non-vaccinated hospitalized patients who would have avoided hospitalization in the Medical Area, in the time period considered above, amounted to 4,920, while those in the Critical Area amounted to 580. The total costs amount to 44,480,134.32 euros, of which 32,082,521.01 for hospitalizations in the Medical Area and 12,397,613.31 for hospitalizations in intensive care.

8.50 am – Slight increase in Rt to 0.86, incidence of Covid cases rises to 34

the incidence at national level with 34 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (period 11/10/2021 – 17/10/2021) compared to the value of 29, and there is also a slight increase in national RT. The transmissibility index in the period 29 September – 12 October 2021 was equal to 0.86 (range 0.82 – 0.90), a slight increase compared to the previous week when the value of 0.85 was recorded, and already in slight growth compared to the previous week which had seen the index at 0.83. The data is now being examined in the control room. In the last week, admissions to intensive care and ordinary wards are still decreasing. The employment rate in intensive care, according to the draft of the weekly monitoring report of the Ministry of Health and ISS, decreased to 3.9% (daily survey by the Ministry of Health of 19/10/2021), with a slight decrease in number of people hospitalized from 370 (12/10/2021) to 355 (19/10/2021). The employment rate in medical areas nationwide drops further to 4.2%. The number of people hospitalized in these areas decreased from 2,665 (12/10/2021) to 2,423 (19/10/2021). 4 Regions classified at moderate risk in the last week: Abruzzo, Campania, Fvg and Piedmont. The remaining regions are classified as low risk.

8.30 – Dentist no vax reported in Syracuse

A No Vax dentist from Syracuse was denounced by the Nas carabinieri. The dentist had previously been suspended from the Syracuse Medical Association because he had not undergone the vaccination, but would have continued to practice his profession. The military, who had received information about the dentist, who did not have a Green pass, showed up in the past few hours in his office where he was working.

8.25 am – Vaccines, 81.84% of the over 12 population immunized

There are 88,360,740 anti-Covid vaccines administered in our country, 88.2% of the doses delivered so far, equal to 99,709,673 (71,089,475 by Pfizer / BioNTech, 11,543,522 by Vaxzevria by AstraZeneca, 15,231,792 of Moderna and 1,844,884 of Johnson & Johnson). This was reported in the bulletin prepared by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Health and the structure of the extraordinary commissioner at Covid-19, updated at 6:15 today. On the other hand, 44,200,401 (81.84% of the population over 12) amounted to the total number of vaccinated people who received the first and second dose of vaccine, and 46,396,901 (85.90%) those who have received at least one dose. Finally, 683,967 people (22.98% of the population) were given the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine. As regards the territorial division, in the lead in terms of doses administered there is Lombardy with 15,502,362 (89.7% of the doses received), followed by Lazio with 8,624,455 (83.7%) and Campania with 8,114. 334 (88.4%).

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