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Coronavirus updates on Wednesday 24 November

Among the hypotheses on the measures to stop the fourth wave Green pass of a different nature for vaccinated and not, according to the German model, and obligation of the third dose for health professionals. The new rules are expected to come into effect by early December. In the meantime, the circular from the Ministry of Health is operational from today, which provides for the advance of the booster dose of the anti-Covid vaccine from 6 to 5 months. In the last 24 hours, 10,047 cases and 83 victims have been registered in Italy (here the latest bulletin of 22 November).

9.26 – WHO: 3.6 million cases and 51 thousand deaths in the last week The number of new cases and deaths from Covid has been increasing for more than a month. During the week of November 15 to 21, nearly 3.6 million new infections and over 51 million deaths were reported, with a 6% increase in cases and deaths compared to the previous week. To underline it the latest WHO weekly report. In the European Region, the increase in new weekly cases of 11% – the study reads -, while the other Regions reported a decrease or an incidence similar to the previous week.

9 am – Padua reintroduces the obligation to wear an outdoor mask
The decision, in the air since last weekend, was taken on the afternoon of Tuesday 23 November, at the end of a meeting of the Cosp (Committee for public order and safety). With the aim of containing the sudden rise of the infections, the mayor Sergio Giordani I will shortly sign an ordinance which, from Friday 26 November until 31 December, provides for the reintroduction ofObligation to wear the mask even outdoors (under penalty of a 400 euro fine) in the entire area of ​​the historic city center.

8.48 am – Pal (Aifa): Green pass at 9 months good compromise. Not excluded vaccination obligation for children 5-11 years
We are witnessing a non-exponential but linear growth in infections. Some Regions exceed the critical thresholds for admissions to the medical area and intensive care. We need to pay close attention to the evolution of the pandemic. So the president of Aifa, Giorgio Pal, its SkyTg24. On the possible choice of the Government for the reduction of the duration of the Green pass, today a path of compromise has been set at 12 months, nine months, he specified. Finally, he did not rule out the introduction of the vaccination obligation for the 5-11 year range. The EMA could decide between today and tomorrow on the administration to this range, in advance of the scheduled date of November 29, he concluded.

8.46 am – Musumeci: Vaccines, the only remedy to avoid ending up in the cemetery. In Sicily 80% of the hospitalized are not vaccinated
Today we are consciously convinced that the vaccine remains the only remedy not to get us out, but to allow us not to end up in the cemetery. In Sicily we have 382 hospitalized for Covid, e 80% of these did not get the vaccine… The vaccine is the only solution that allows us to realize, with the necessary doses, the right to remain in this land. So is the governor Nello Musumeci, speaking to Omnibus its La7.

8.28 am – South Tyrol, via new restrictions: 20 municipalities in the red zone
From midnight on South Tyrol the new anti-contagion measures have been taken and 20 municipalities have entered the red zone due to too many infections.

8.23 am – Macron meets the Health Defense Council
Crucial day in France to face the fourth wave of Covid. The president of the Republic Macron will meet this morning at the Elysée the Health Defense Council to decide on a new tightening of the virus containment measures. On the table an extension of the third dose of the vaccine to all public employees and an increase in health pass checks.

8.14 – In Germany, a new record of infections: 66,884 in 24 hours
New record of infections from Covid in Germany, where 66,884 positive for the virus and 335 deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours. The weekly incidence per 100 thousand inhabitants has exceeded a new threshold, reaching 404.5. This was reported by the Robert Koch Institut. The hospitalization rate of 5.6, still far from the 15.5 of last December hospitalized in intensive care for 100 thousand inhabitants, but in some regions the health facilities are already at the limit (here the map of the contagion in the world).

8 am – Le Foche: Let’s spend Christmas in Italy
Much will depend on us, on our behaviors and, above all, on vaccinations. How long will we be willing to vaccinate. It is advisable to understand how much the pandemic leaves humanity lost. Cos al Corriere della Sera
Francesco Le Foche
who, regarding Christmas, adds that he does not want to be a catastrophist, this is not the time to be. For me this year I would spend the holidays in Italy. Going to foreign countries is certainly more risky than staying here. We are the country that is better off in Europe than anyone else: why go and look for the virus ?.

7.30 – At 11 the control room of the government. The meeting of the CTS and the Council of Ministers follow
the meeting of the Control room who will evaluate the new anti-Covid restrictive measures, which should then be launched by the Council of Ministers, which will meet at 15.30. Finally, the Technical Scientific Committee will meet at 13 to express an opinion on the new measures: on the agenda is the request of the executive to evaluate the duration of the Green pass, which should be reduced from 12 to 9 months.

Ore 7 – THE POINT ABOUT VACCINES: 93.9 million administrations
I am 93.929.973 the vaccine doses administered in Italy, 92.4% of the total delivered. what can be read in the report of the extraordinary commissioner for the health emergency updated at 06.11 today, Wednesday 24 November. 763,690 additional doses were administered, equal to 85.31% of the population potentially subject to such administrations, and 3,909,087 boosters were carried out to 29.10% of the population potentially subject to the vaccination course at least six months ago. Finally, 45.435.706 those who completed the vaccination cycle, equal to 84.12% of the over 12 population.

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