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Coronavirus updates on Saturday 27 November

The new variant is called Omicron
which alarms experts for its high contagiousness and the high number of mutations. A first case was identified in Italy on Saturday 27 November, in the evening: it is a Campania citizen returning from Mozambique

Previously, cases have also been identified in Germany, Belgium and Great Britain (where Boris Johnson has announced a return of certain anti-contagion restrictions, such as masks on means of transport). In Italy l’

latest bulletin
, relating to Saturday 27 November, of 12,877 new cases and 90 deaths. The increase in cases in our country has determined some critical areas due to the increase in hospitalizations and from Monday Friuli Venezia Giulia will be the yellow zone

19.01 – The Omicron variant in Italy: a first case identified
The Omicron variant of the coronavirus responsible for Covid has arrived in Italy. A few hours after the closure of flights from 8 countries in the southern African area, where the variant was identified, a first case was also sequenced in Italy. The sample – taken from an Italian citizen who has just returned from Mozambique – is in the process of further confirmation. To report it a note from the ISS: here all the details.

6.45 pm – Two cases of Omicron variant in Munich, Germany
Two cases of Covid infections with the Omicron variant were confirmed in Germany, in Munich, by the local health councilor.

18.10 – Johnson, vital third dose
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in a highly anticipated press conference a few hours after the discovery of two cases of the Omicron variant in the country, explained that his government will adopt a new strategy that will be implemented for at least three weeks to counter a variant of which much, at the moment, not known, but which appears to be very contagious and able to spread even among people who have received two doses of the vaccine. Johnson explained that, as a precaution, everyone who enters the UK will be asked to make a molecular swab and isolate themselves until the swab results negative. The government will then push for an increase in defenses against the virus: the third dose of vaccine, vital because a higher level of antibodies should be able to protect against this new variant, and a more widespread use of masks, especially in shops and on the means of public transport. Here all the insights.

5.15 pm – Campanian family in isolation: positive after a trip to a southern African country, results of tests are expected
on the Omicron
A citizen of Campania, returning from a southern African country, tested positive for the molecular swab. With him also his family unit consisting of five people. Mild symptoms encountered. The patients and all their contacts, the Region announced, are now in prudential isolation. The virus is being sequenced to ascertain whether it is an Omicron variant. Governor De Luca underlines: Taking into account the news of these days, all precautionary measures have been promptly adopted and the virus is being sequenced to verify its nature with certainty.

16.55 – Rappuoli: With third dose covered by Omicron variant
Microbiologist Rino Rappuoli, Head of Research and Development and Chief Scientist of Gsk Vaccines and scientific coordinator of the Mad Lab of Toscana Life Sciences, believes that the third dose may be sufficient to protect against the Omicron variant. We will have to wait a few days to see the results of the vaccines against the variant, explains the microbiologist, but according to the models seen on the PC, it is observed that Omicron has an effect on the vaccines, which seem to have less efficacy even after the two doses. With the third dose, however, we will have to reach an antibody level that will be able to cover this variant as well. If Omicron were to be different on an immunological level within a few months we could have specific vaccines for this variant, adds Rappuoli.

16.31 – Moderna is already experimenting with a booster for the Omicron variant
Pharmaceutical company Moderna announced that it is testing a specific vaccine (mRNA-1273.529) against the Omicron variant and at least others. We have three lines of defense advancing in parallel, the company said: it is a booster with a higher dose of mRNA-1273 (100 mg), two multi-valent booster candidates that anticipate mutations such as those that emerged in Omicron ( currently in clinical testing, data is expected next week) and, finally, a specific booster candidate against Omicron (mRNA-1273.529).

3.12 pm – Two cases of Omicron variant in Great Britain

The British health minister has announced that two cases of the new covid variant, Omicron, have been sequenced in the UK, one in Chelmsford, the other in Nottingham. These are two cases linked to each other and both are isolated together with their families, the minister said. Which concluded: This is a reminder that the pandemic is far from over. The advice to everyone? Get vaccinated.

11.41 am – South Africa, 2,828 cases of Omicron, THE POINT on the new variant

The number of confirmed cases of the new Omicron variant in South Africa yesterday was 2,828, a level still low even if the transmission speed is worrying especially among young people. People in their 20s and 30s arrive with moderate to severe illness, some of whom require intensive care, explained the head of the intensive care unit at Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto. We are seeing a marked change in the demographic profile of patients, stresses on Guardian, specifying that in that age group the 65% not vaccinated and most of the rest only half vaccinated, with a single dose. A press release from the South African government today accuses the governments that have closed the borders of having punished the country that has identified the new variant. This latest round of bans is tantamount to punishing South Africa for sequencing the mutation and its ability to detect new variants quickly. Scientific excellence should be applauded and not punished. Meanwhile, the Czech Republic also announces a case of suspected Omicron variant.

11.31 – Switzerland: tomorrow referendum on anti-Covid law, high tension

Tomorrow the Swiss are expected at the polls for a referendum on the latest version of the anti-Covid law, which should be successful for the government. However, in a country known for its peaceful political climate and champion of direct democracy, the vote will take place after a series of violent protests of squares and growing threats at the top of the institutions. Not the first time that citizens have been called upon to rule on government measures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic: last June 13, 60% of voters had approved the first law which in the meantime has expanded the fields of intervention. According to the latest polls, the population supports the government’s management of the crisis: two thirds approve the extension of the pass and the end of the free test. In all likelihood, the text submitted to referendum will therefore be approved even if the unknown percentages and turnout remains.

11.20 am – Russia, 33,846 infections and 1,239 deaths

In the past 24 hours, there have been 33,946 new infections and 1,239 deaths from covid-19 in Russia. The data are in line with those of the last two weeks. 3,430 new infections were recorded in Moscow and 1,879 in St. Petersburg. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 9,536,825 coronavirus cases and 271,531 deaths

11.15 am – Suspected case of Omicron variant in Germany

Kai Klose, minister of social affairs in the German state of Hesse spoke of a probable case of the Omicron variant in Germany. Several Omicron-typical mutations were found in a traveler arriving in Frankfurt returning from South Africa last night, tweeted Klose. The complete sequencing of the variant in progress.

10.16 – Iss: Soaring Covid cases between 6-11 years, one case out of 4

In the last week there is an increase in the incidence in all age groups and in particular in the population under 12 years of age. The ISS notes this in its extended weekly report, published today: In the period 8 – 21 November 2021, 31,365 new cases were reported in this population, of which 153 hospitalized and 3 hospitalized in intensive care. In the 6-11 age group, starting from the second week of October, there is a greater increase in the incidence compared to the rest of the school age population, with a surge in the last two weeks.

8.14 am – Holland, 61 passengers arrived from South Africa positive for the covid, test in progress to understand if it is the Omicron variant

Dutch health authorities said 61 people who arrived in Amsterdam on two flights from South Africa on Friday tested positive for covid-19: further tests are being conducted to see if the infections are from the Omicron variant, the one recently discovered. About 600 passengers arrived at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport with two two KLM flights. Travelers with a positive test result will be placed in solitary confinement at a hotel in or near Schiphol, health authorities said. The Dutch government has banned all air travel from South African area countries. According to the British newspaper Guardian some passengers reported that many were not wearing masks during the flight. The reporter of the New York Time Stephanie Nolen, who was on one of the flights, told about the inconvenience of passengers who were stuck inside the planes for hours.

8 am – Sicily, one in 5 not vaccinated: new localized orange areas In Sicily, last among the Italian regions for the total number of anti-Covid vaccines, the 19.4% of the population still without the first dose. And new orange areas take over. Tomorrow they will enter the orange zone Pedara (municipality on the slopes of the volcano) and Militello in Val di Catania, in the Calatino area. This is foreseen by the new ordinance of the president of the Nello Musumeci Region, on the proposal of the Asoe regional department. The restrictive measures will be in effect until Thursday 9 December. However, catering and the administration of food and drinks are still permitted, always maintaining the limit of four people at the table with the exception of cohabitants. Meanwhile, a boom in new infections in the last 24 hours on the island, there are 809 new cases of positives. The province with the most consistent increase is Catania, which registered 238 new infected with the virus, followed by Palermo (131) and Messina (121). There are six new victims. On the hospital front, there are 371 patients. In ICU there are 43 people with coronavirus infection (Except Phallic).

7.20 am – State of emergency in New York in view of the Omicron variant

The State of New York has announced a state of emergency in view of a possible surge in infections also due to the Omicron variant. This was announced by the governor of the state, Kathy Hochul, specifying that the emergency will come into effect next Friday 3 December. We continue to see signs of an increase this winter, and although the new Omicron variant has not been detected in New York, it is on its way.

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