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The updates on the coronavirus pandemic on Sunday 16 January

According to the latest bulletin, they have been registered in our country 180,426 cases and 308 deaths in the last 24 hours.
The curve of the epidemic is slowing down, as confirmed by Franco Locatelli, the coordinator of the CTS. And the regions would like to eliminate the “color system”. This is the orientation of the governors, who in the next conference will meet to discuss a series of issues on anti-Covid measures and any proposals to be made to the government.

21.34 – Locatelli: “In the next few hours a technical table with the regions”
«The coloring system of the regions was developed by the Ministry of Health in agreement with the Regions at a different time. That we can reach a reconsideration is in the logic of things “. This was stated by the president of the Higher Health Council, Franco Locatelli, a What’s the weather like su Rai3.

20.30 – Hope: “In the next few hours a technical table with the regions”
«The life of the great majority of Italians in recent months has been without great limitations. In the coming weeks we will have to open a discussion with the regions and and in the next few hours we will open a technical table to address the issues they have proposed ». This was stated by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, a Countercurrent on Retequattro.

19.21 – France approves the vaccination pass
The National Assembly has definitively approved the institution of the vaccination certificate in France. The vote took place after 36 hours of debate, in the absence of Health Minister Olivier Ve’ran who in recent days tested positive for Covid. The text was voted with 215 votes in favor, 58 against and 7 abstentions, at the end of a period of controversy and political squabbles that began in the first days of the year. Now the government wants the “pass” to be operational as soon as possible, but the socialist parliamentarians have asked the opinion of the Constitutional Council, to guarantee respect for fundamental rights, and this will cause the promulgation of the law to be postponed for a few days. The certificate proving the vaccination will be mandatory for all over 16 years to access recreational activities, bars and restaurants, fairs and interregional public transport.

5.49 pm – 70 thousand counts in Great Britain, the lowest in over a month
In the United Kingdom, the decline in daily infections from Covid continues, falling further in the last 24 hours to 70,924 according to official data released today on a weekly average of about 1.5 million tests per day: that is, the minimum for over a month. The dead are also down, stopped at 88 (albeit lightened on Sunday by some partial statistical delay), and the total number of hospitalizations in hospitals. Signals confirming the apparent overcoming in the Kingdom of the wave of cases fueled by the Omicron variant, achieved thanks to a record acceleration in Europe of the third booster doses of vaccines and without the reintroduction of heavy restrictions in England by the government of Boris Johnson .

5.39 pm – The bulletin: 149,512 new cases and 248 deaths
There are 149,512 new cases of Covid in Italy (yesterday they were 180,426). Thus, the number of people who contracted the Sars-CoV-2 virus (including recovered and died) since the beginning of the epidemic rises to at least 8,706,915. There are 248 deaths today (yesterday they were 308), for a total of 141,104 victims since February 2020.
Here all today’s data.

3.13 pm – WHO, Omicron peak near Italy, government action is right

“In countries like Italy and Greece we are getting very close to the peak” of the Omicron variant. This was stated by the director of WHO Europe Hans Kluge a Half an hour more on Rai 3, underlining that it is “Very likely that the peak in Europe will arrive sooner than expected”, ie “within 2-3 weeks”. Kluge then praised the strategy of the government and the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza against the pandemic. “The path followed by Italy is the right one, with vaccinations, third doses, masks”, he said, then underlining that “schools must be the last to close”.

3.15 pm – Sileri: «I think the rules will be lightened soon. By the end of 2022 Omicron will reach almost the entire population “
Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri during the broadcast Sunday In, on Rai1, took stock of the pandemic situation in Italy. «This Omicron variant will reach everyone – he specified -, there is no escape. There is no doubt that by the end of 2022, except for another variant, almost the entire population, for good or bad, will encounter this variant ». Does it mean living with the virus? «Definitely yes, we will have to live with what will later be its dominant variant, I don’t know if it will be Omicron. The rules will be lightened. When? I think very soon, perhaps within a couple of weeks, we will see how the infections will go. Today, with this new variant, it is easier to distinguish between a positive and a sick person. If you are vaccinated you are more protected ».

13.23 – Great Britain, the minister: “Encouraging signs for the lifting of restrictions”

There are “encouraging signs” for the lifting of restrictions in England at the end of the month. This was stated by Oliver Dowden, minister without portfolio of the government of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Speaking on SkyNews and referring to restrictions such as smart working and the green pass in some places. “The signs are encouraging but, of course, we will wait to see the data before making this final decision,” added Dowden, who is also president of the Conservative Party. The restrictions, decided last month, are to be reviewed on January 26th.

11.52 – Vaccines: almost 92 thousand first doses, never like this for four months

Almost 92,000 first doses of the anti Covid vaccine were carried out yesterday, the highest figure since the beginning of the fourth wave. To go back to a greater number of first daily administrations, it is necessary to go back 4 months, to 6 September, when there were over 96 thousand. Altogether almost 120 million doses have been administered since the beginning of the campaign and 49 million (49,095,966) Italians over 12 years have taken one dose or have recovered for a maximum of 6 months. On the other hand, there are 46,867,461 Italians over 12 who have completed the vaccination cycle and 26,626,304 who have taken the booster.

11.16 – Sileri: data communication and hospital management must be reviewed

The pandemic “is not over yet but the progressive emergence of the Omicron variant on the Delta is changing its characteristics, making it advisable to adjust our strategies. The communication of data must be updated “and” the new phase of the epidemic must soon lead us to review the rules especially for the management of hospitals “. The Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri said this a Rai Radio1.

10.17 – Bianchi: the school has reopened and there have been no disasters

“The famous disaster that must have taken place with the reopening of the school” after the Christmas break “did not happen.” This was stated by the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi interviewed by Radio24. Adding that there have been “differentiated inconveniences area by area, but the school has reopened and the conviction has been affirmed that the school is a fundamental element, the school is the priority, it is a right”. The principals have worked well, Bianchi then specified, taking stock of the first week of the reopening of the schools.

7.28 am – Vaccine: almost 120 million doses administered in Italy

There are 119,840,779 doses of the anti-Covid vaccine administered in Italy, 98.8% of the total of those delivered so far equal to 121,151,538. This is what is read in the report of the extraordinary Commissioner for the health emergency updated at 6.13.

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