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Coronavirus updates on Wednesday 15 September

The government is moving towards the introduction of the extension of the Green pass in the Council of Ministers on Thursday: the executive ready for the decree on the super Green Pass which will provide for the extension of the green certificate for the public sector even if some aspects of the dl are not yet defined. For the vote in the Senate, the government has placed its trust. On the issue of the extension of the green pass, Prime Minister Draghi will discuss with the trade unions in the presence of Ministers Orlando, Giorgetti, Speranza and Brunetta. For the extension to private employees, however, further reflection may be necessary. Meanwhile, there are 4,830 new cases and 73 deaths: here the data of the latest balance sheet for Wednesday 15 September (to consult the bulletins that show the situation since the beginning of the pandemic: here those of 2021, here those of 2020). Here is the map of the contagion in the world.

5.48 pm – Data from Lombardy: today 628 cases and 6 deaths
There are 628 new cases of Covid-19 registered in the last 24 hours in Lombardy. According to the data released by the Region, the swabs carried out were 50,690, for a positivity index of 1.2%. 435 people are hospitalized in hospitals, one fewer than yesterday, and 59 in intensive care units. There were 6 deaths, for a total of 33,968 since the beginning of the pandemic. There are 229 new positives recorded in the last 24 hours in the province of Milan, of which 75 in Milan city. In Bergamo there were 44, in Brescia 93, in Como 23, in Cremona 26, in Lecco 16, in Lodi 18, in Mantua 26, in Monza and Brianza 48, in Pavia 46, in Sondrio 3 and in Varese 25.

5.41 pm – Pope: No Vax even among cardinals, one hospitalized
There are also No Vax in the Vatican. To affirm it Pope francesco, talking to reporters on the return flight from Bratislava. Even in the college of cardinals there are deniers and one of these, poor fellow, hospitalized with the virus … irony of life, referring to Cardinal Raymond Burke, hospitalized in intensive care.

5 pm – Today’s bulletin: 4,830 new cases and 73 deaths
Covid cases in Italy are increasing according to data provided by the Ministry of Health. There are 4,830 new infections, an increase compared to the 4,021 recorded yesterday with 317,666 swabs carried out and produced a rate of positivity slightly increased to 1.52%. Almost stable deaths, 73 (+1), 8,606 cured while the currently positive drop by 3,853 reaching a total number of 118,487. Here the full bulletin.

15.56 – Usa, Pfizer will ask the FDA for the ok to administer vaccines to 6-month-5-year-olds

Pfizer is expected to ask for the go ahead in November Food and Drug Administration (Fda, the US drug agency) for give his Covid vaccine to children between six months and 5 years old. This was announced by the head of the financial sector of the pharmaceutical company Franck D’Amelio speaking to Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare Conference. D’Amelio said the request will be made a few weeks after submitting data for the vaccine on children ages 5 to 11, assuming the data is positive. Pfizer has already hinted that it wants to ask for the green light of the FDA for the 5 to 11 age bracket in early October.

14.04 – Green pass: single payment for public-private work
A single decree, for extend the Green pass obligation from mid-October to public and private workers. the measure that could arrive tomorrow on the table of the Council of Ministers, except for further technical investigations. According to government sources, the work of the technicians of Palazzo Chigi and ministries continues in these hours to perfect the rules. A meeting with the trade unions is scheduled for the next few hours, but the way seems to have been drawn: single provision and penalties for those who enter work for several consecutive days without a pass.

13.06 – Green pass: the government places its trust in the dl in the Senate
The minister for relations with the parliament, Federico D’Inc, placed confidence in the Senate on the Green pass decree in the text approved by the House. The president Maria Elisabetta Casellati convened the Conference of the group leaders to establish the timing of discussion and vote (here the article).

13.05 – Von der Leyen: EU among world leaders in vaccinations

When I was standing in front of you a year ago, I didn’t know when, or if, we would have a safe and effective vaccine against Covid. But today, and in spite of all the critics, Europe is among the world leaders. This was claimed by the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, in Strasbourg. Over 70% of adults are fully vaccinated in the EU – remember – we are the only ones who share half of our vaccine production with the rest of the world. We have delivered over 700 million doses to the European people and another 700 million doses to the rest of the world, over 130 countries. We are the only region in the world to have achieved a similar result. A pandemic, a marathon, not a shot. We followed the science. We did things right, because we did them European-style. And it worked.

1.00 pm – Green pass, Draghi calls unions at 4.30 pm in P. Chigi

The three general secretaries of CGIL, CISL and UIL have been summoned by the Prime Minister Mario Draghi at 4.30 pm at Palazzo Chigi on the Green Pass. Ministers Orlando, Giorgetti, Speranza and Brunetta will be present.

12.43 – The Mattarella alarm: The pandemic has made our common vulnerability evident

The pandemic has strongly conditioned us, amidst grief and suffering, and has made our common vulnerability evident; paradigm of the many global problems that none of our countries in a position to face in solitude. This is the summary of the speech by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella at the opening of the Arraiolos summit with 13 EU heads of state underway at the Quirinale. Furthermore, we cannot ignore the fact that the world – and our neighborhood – is undergoing serious tensions. In recent weeks we have seen the situation in Afghanistan deteriorate. Even closer to us the crises do not subside: from Syria to the Eastern Mediterranean; from the unresolved Ukrainian question to the alarming situation in Belarus – he adds – Everything confronts us with choices that concern both the internal and external dimensions of the European Union. On the one hand, it is necessary to reflect on what the shared interests of the Union are and what is needed to protect them, to achieve effective strategic autonomy.

12.30 – Abrignani (Cts): The third dose of the vaccine for everyone will be the decisive answer

3-dose vaccination coverage across the entire population will be a decisive response to the pandemic. However, this does not mean that there will be no more calls: also for other viruses, such as that of hepatitis B, after a few years it will be necessary to do a new administration, but it will presumably be destined for the long term. So is the immunologist Sergio Abrignani, full professor of General Pathology at the State University of Milan and member of the Scientific Technical Committee for the coronavirus emergency, on the occasion of the eighth biennial Amit-Argomenti International Congress of Infectious and Tropical Diseases in Milan.

12 noon – Vaccination campaign – THE POINT

The basis of the report of the office of the extraordinary commissioner, are over 40 million and 200 thousand Italians who have completed the vaccination cycle, or 74.6 of the population over 12 (here the complete bulletin, being updated).

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