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Covid cases worldwide exceed 121 million according to data released by Johns Hopkins University, while confirmed deaths exceed 2.6 million since the start of the pandemic. And in Italy the latest balance, relative to Thursday 18 March, of 24,935 new cases and 423 deaths (here the bulletin with the data and here all the bulletins showing the situation since the beginning of the pandemic: here those of 2021, here those of 2020). Here is the map of the contagion.

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10 am – Abrignani (Cts): Criminal shield for vaccinators? I think it is necessary
It is difficult for me to imagine that one could accuse a doctor who injects a vaccine that is registered, nonsense. I was surprised they were being investigated. This is how Sergio Abrignani, lecturer at the State University of Milan and member of the Cts, guest of Open its Rai 3, on the subject of a criminal shield for health workers who vaccinate. I think it’s necessary, he says.

9.34 – Trains departing from Paris stormed after the announcement of the lockout decided in 16 departments
Trains departing from Paris were stormed after announcements about the new lockout decided in 16 French departments against the coronavirus. To report it Le Figaro which speaks of a new exodus. The restrictions will take effect today starting at midnight and, among other measures, also prohibit travel between regions. The most popular routes are those that go from the French capital to Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Lyon, Vannes, Nantes, Saint-Malo and Biarritz.

9.30 – Johnson receives his first dose of AstraZeneca today. With him two other European premieres (to promote trust)
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will receive the first dose of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine today. Yesterday evening, Johnson once again asked the population to get vaccinated, reiterating that the path of England and other British nations for the exit from the restrictions is currently on track. To receive the first dose today also two other prime ministers: the French, Jean Castex, and the Slovenian, Janez Jansa. With him, in favor of the camera, Slovenian President Borut Pahor will also be vaccinated today.

9.18 am – India, almost 40 thousand new cases and 154 deaths
India has registered nearly 40,000 new cases of coronavirus, as reported in today’s bulletin of the Ministry of Health. This is the highest daily increase in 110 days, after nine consecutive days of growth above 20,000. 154 deaths were also recorded and the overall number of victims rose to 159,370. India ranks second in contagion after the United States.

9.10 am – Spain, AstraZeneca vaccinations will resume on March 24th
Spain will resume Covid vaccinations with AstraZeneca on March 24th. The decision was unanimously taken by the Inter-territorial Council of the National Health System (CISNS) in an extraordinary meeting, after having learned the conclusions of the investigation by the European Medicines Agency (Ema).Here is an in-depth look at the Madrid model.

8.38 am – In the year of the pandemic, Finland is the happiest country in the world. Italy in 25th place
In the year of the pandemic, Finland is the happiest country in the world. And Italy goes up from 28th to 25th place in the ranking of the World Happiness Report this year, according to data collected by Gallup World Poll on several parameters. Like the other years, the high ranking depends above all on the confidence of the population in their community. In statistical terms the difference is minimal, but it becomes interesting considering that Italy was one of the countries with the largest incidence of Covid victims in relation to the number of inhabitants (together with the USA, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain and the Czech Republic).

8.34 – Biden is thinking about the reopening of the borders after mid-May
Biden administration considers reopening borders with Mexico and Canada and to travelers from Europe, the UK and Brazil after mid-May, as revealed Nbc News, however, underlining that there is still no formal decision or date. In fact, the concern of limiting the spread of Covid variants still remains at the center of the discussions.

8.21 am – The Philippines approves Sputnik V: they are the 52nd country
The Philippines has authorized the emergency use of the Sputnik V vaccine: the Russian Direct Investment Fund (Rdif) gave the news, specifying that it is the 52nd country in the world to authorize the vaccine developed in Russia.

Vaccinations with AstraZeneca resume today in Italy (at 3 pm) and in other European countries, after the ok given yesterday by the EMA. The drug is safe and effective, the European Agency assured.

8 am – Today the Merkel-Laender videoconference on vaccinations
German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet today in videoconference with the Laender prime ministers to discuss the vaccination campaign underway in Germany, as in the other EU member states, since December 27th. During the talks, the involvement of GPs in the initiative should be decided, starting in April. However, it seems likely that the authorization to use the Russian coronavirus vaccine, Sputnik V, in Germany as well as in the EU is also being discussed. Furthermore, Merkel and the prime ministers of the German states could address the issue of stopping the plan for reopening, which has been implemented in Germany since 8 March last, given the continuous increase in infections in the country.

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