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Covid cases worldwide exceed 123 million according to data released by Johns Hopkins University, while confirmed deaths exceed 2.7 million since the start of the pandemic. And in Italy the latest toll of 18,765 new cases and 551 deaths (here the bulletin with the data and here all the bulletins showing the situation since the beginning of the pandemic: here those of 2021, here those of 2020). Here is the map of the contagion.

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9.28 am – THE POINT – Draghi: Plan school openings after Easter
Prime Minister Mario Draghi, during this morning’s speech in the Senate (live here), reiterated the need to plan reopening. Starting from school: While the vaccination campaign continues, it is good to start and think and plan for reopening. We are looking carefully at the data on infections but, if the epidemiological situation allows it, we will begin to reopen the school in the first place. And we will begin to reopen primary schools and kindergartens also in the red areas when the current restrictions expire, that is, hopefully, immediately after Easter.
The speech will be repeated at 3.30 pm in the Chamber in view of the European Council on 25 and 26 March.

9.11 – Bertolaso ​​- In Como the vaccination post was ugly, not worthy of the beauty of the city
I am traveling all over the region to look for vaccination centers that need to be built. When I was in Como the place I saw was just disgusting (in Muggi, ed), it was not worthy of a reality and beauty like the city of Como and therefore vaccinating people in a deserted place, a dirty and not well connected parking lot seemed to me a shameful operation for such an important place. Guido Bertolaso, Lombardy Region consultant for the vaccination campaign, replied to Sky Tg24 about the controversy over the construction of the Como vaccination center. So I got the reality of Villa d’Erba, one of the best and most evocative in the whole region. This center will be ready immediately after Easter and will be able to vaccinate about 20,000 people a day. The truth often does not lie on one side or the other but lies in between.

8.59 – Rasi (Ex Ema), good vaccine poorly managed by the producers
The numbers continue to go in a direction not only of safety but of great effectiveness. The AstraZeneca vaccine deserved a better pharmaceutical company: a vaccine poorly managed in terms of communication by manufacturers and authorities and a shame because it is a good vaccine. Guido Rasi, microbiologist and former Ema executive director, speaking to Open on Raitre he makes his considerations on the serum of the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical. England – recalled Rasi – used it massively and without age limits, starting from the age of 18, as the EMA had indicated from the first day and without ever changing his mind. After the cases reported by Germany and the new EMA analyzes, the risk-benefit ratio was judged to be even better than at the time of approval.

8.34 – France, Minister of the Interior: we have difficult weeks ahead
French Interior Minister Darmain said the country still faces difficult weeks. Yesterday, the President of the Republic reiterated the need to speed up the vaccination campaign: The heart of the battle in the coming weeks and months will be vaccination. Morning, afternoon and evening.

7.50 am China, Shanghai offers vaccinations to foreign residents
The city of Shanghai will offer vaccinations against Covid-19 to foreign residents. This was announced by the local authorities in the late evening of yesterday, March 23. Shanghai is the first city in China to make vaccines available to the non-Chinese population. According to a public notice, starting March 29, foreigners of suitable age will be able to book appointments online to receive a nationally developed vaccine

1.50 – Record of deaths in Brazil: 3,251 deaths in 24 hours
With 3,251 victims in the last 24 hours, the total number of deaths from diseases attributable to the new coronavirus infection in Brazil reaches 298,676. This was reported by the Ministry of Health. This is the all-time record of deaths in one day since the start of the pandemic. The country also recorded the highest daily average of deaths since the start of the pandemic with 2,349 deaths per day in the past seven days, 43 percent higher than the average for the past two weeks.

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