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Covid cases worldwide exceed 114 million according to data released by Johns Hopkins University, while confirmed deaths exceed 2.5 million since the start of the pandemic. And in Italy the latest balance, relative to Thursday 4 March, of 22,865 new cases and 339 deaths (here the bulletin with the data and here all the bulletins showing the situation since the beginning of the pandemic). Here is the map of the contagion.

9.29 am – Morocco, emergency until 10 April
Morocco also extends the health emergency due to the Covid epidemic: it has been extended until April 10, 2021. Since last March, there have been 485,147 infections and 8,669 deaths.

8.54 – Even in Germany the virus does not slow down
Germany, which has announced a phased exit plan from the lockdown, still records more than 10,000 new coronavirus cases and another 264 deaths from the pandemic. The data from the Robert Koch Institute indicate 10,580 infections which bring the total to 2,482,522 with 71,504 deaths. There are about 119,000 active cases, while about 2,292,100 people have been cured.

8.34 – New Zealand, Auckland comes out of the lockdown
On Sunday, New Zealand will lift the lockdown that involved almost two million people, decided a week ago after a new case of positive Covid-19 emerged, which the tracing of contacts had not been able to explain. The outbreak appears to have been contained, according to health authorities. It later emerged that the infected person’s family members had not complied with the isolation orders, meeting friends who later tested positive for Covid-19. The New Zealand anti-Covid recipe admired around the world: severe lockdowns when the virus returns, and a return to normal life when the infections are cleared.

8.30 am – 3.4 million vaccinated people (with one or two doses) in Italy
There are 4,944,619 doses of vaccine against Covid-19 administered so far in Italy, 75.6% of the total of those delivered: 6,542,260, specifically, 4,537,260 are Pfizer / BioNTech, 493,000 Moderna and 1,512. 000 AstraZeneca. The administration involved 3,044,312 women and 1,900,307 men. The people they received both doses are 1,540,475, if we consider those who have had even one dose, 3.4 million have been vaccinated so far. Most of the doses were administered to health workers (2,443,341), then to non-health personnel (820,444 units), 424,294 to residents of residential structures, 870,410 to over 80s, 98,690 to armed forces and 287,440 to school staff.

7.59 am – WHO, no report on the mission in Wuhan
The long-awaited report by WHO experts sent to China will not be published: the Wall Street Journal reveals it. A simple summary would not satisfy the curiosity of readers, the head of the research group, Peter Ben Embarek, explained to the authoritative financial newspaper. But a larger report will be published in the coming weeks and will contain important findings. In reality, the researchers are not satisfied with the inspection and have requested a new visit: they claim that the mission in Wuhan, the Chinese city where the first known cases were found, did not have sufficient access to adequately investigate the possible origins of the new coronavirus. , especially on the hypothesis that the virus may have come out of a laboratory.

7.50 am – Bolsonaro: Back to work
In a country that now counts 11 million deaths out of 210 million inhabitants, the president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro continues to have a denial attitude towards the pandemic. Yesterday he reiterated his criticisms of the restrictions on economic life, urged everyone to return to work, and polemically asked them to stop complaining: How long will we cry ?. Despite at this moment in Brazil one person dies every 50 seconds of Covid-19 – the Brazilian president has contested the measures taken by governors and mayors to try to contain the advance of the virus and announced: We will fight the virus but not in this way ignorant, ass and suicidal.

6.53 am – Sicily, backtracking on closed schools
Last night he had signed an order, this morning he signed another, rectifying it. The Sicilian governor Nello Musumeci announced that they will not close the schools of Porto Empedocle, Lampedusa and Linosa, in the province of Agrigento, because the 250 positive cases of Covid out of 100 thousand inhabitants – considered the limit beyond which to close the schools – has been reached considering even migrants. It is therefore not valid.

6.30 am – Italy blocks AstraZeneca exports
Italy has blocked, with the EU green light, the export of 250,000 AstraZeneca vaccines destined for Australia, packaged in the Anagni plant. This is a demonstration of how well Australia continues to do compared to the desperation of other countries – replied the Australian Minister of Finance, Simon Birmingham -. The world is currently in uncharted territory. Not surprisingly, some countries do not respect the rules.

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