Corporate Christmas dinners and toasts at curfew time

A chef who from a set set up in an equipped kitchen shows how to prepare cappelletti and the like, while the guests, each strictly in his home, all connected via Zoom, cook fishing the ingredients from a gift box which in homage to the ban on household gatherings can feed no more than four people.

To decline the tradition of business lunches and dinners in digital format, with the art of getting by 2.0, Future4 Comunicazione thought about it, courageously founded during the first lockdown and specialized in business communication, strategic consulting and management training, from digital to corporate events.

With solutions that aim to dribble the crisis from Covid: “In a market undergoing profound transformation, the involvement of people inside and outside companies necessarily passes through a rethinking of forms of sharing”, explains Massimo Melis, co-founder and managing director of agency that also deploys two other great communication experts in the advisory board such as Giuseppe Coccon and Francesco De Lorenzo.

The Christmas event that aims at team building in smart working and restaurants closed for dinner and can also be declined in the family environment to bring together relatives in prison in the various regions, aims to enhance, together with conviviality and team spirit, also made in Italy: “The products of our smart boxes are strictly Italian, we have chosen those of small and medium-sized enterprises”.

The company that with the virus still looming aims at a hybrid corporate communication, between events in presence and social solutions, at Christmas, for those who prefer faster and less demanding solutions, has also created a ‘Smart Christmas’, a digital aperitif based on personalized gift boxes full of parmesan, salami, red wine, olives to toast with colleagues always via Zoom. With events also designed for large numbers, up to three hundred people. All connected for the toast seasoned by the inevitable and motivating speech of the megadirector on duty.



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