Corruption in Brazil: there are already 12 players convicted

Corruption in Brazil: there are already 12 players convicted

2023-06-06 23:12:13

The investigation for corruption in Brazilian soccer had one acquitted and four more convicted during this Tuesday, due to the decision taken by the Disciplinary Commission of the Superior Court of Sports Justice. The entire resolution is part of the Maximum Penalty operation, which began when the manipulation of matches by bettors was verified.

The defendants played in Sampaio Correa during the last year. With these decisions, which can be appealed, There are already twelve footballers convicted for this cause.

the damned

The winger Mateusinho, who was currently playing in Cuiabá, received a 720-day suspension and a fine of 70,000 reais (five reais equals one dollar). What was his crime? During the 2022 Serie B tournament, he received money to commit a penalty in the match that his team beat Londrina 2-1, for the last date of the tournament. He was tempted to commit a penalty in the 2-1 win over Londrina. At the beginning of this month, the soccer player’s chats with the bettors were spread: the player who would have accepted the offer of a group of bettors, in exchange for money. In his defense, Mateusinho assured that he was referring to a poker game.

Defender Paulo Sérgio, currently in Operario, received the same penalty: 720-day suspension and a fine of 70,000 reais. He also argued that what was discovered was due to a poker game.

Paulo Sergio was suspended for 720 days.

Ygor Catatau, now in Iranian football, was banned for life and fined 70,000 reais. Meanwhile, André Queixo, today an Ituano midfielder, was fined 50,000 reais. Meanwhile, the defender Allan Godói, today in Operario, was acquitted because the Court did not find evidence of his responsibility.

more cases

In the last week, six footballers had been sentenced. One of them, the Argentine Kevin Lomónaco, who admitted that he had been deliberately reprimanded. at the end of May, two were sanctioned, one of them suspended for life, Romáriofrom Villa Nova.

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