Corruption is rampant in northern education Allegation of the Vice President of the Teachers Union

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Thi Theleesan, vice-president of the Ceylon Teachers Union, has accused the Northern Province of misleading education administration into corruption and bribery for years.

He made this remark during a discussion with the President and the General Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers Union at Jaffna Central College.

He further said that for the last 4 years we had informed the then Governors about various corruption administrative irregularities in the Northern Provincial Ministry of Education.

Everyone gave evidence and took action as we took action and left without taking action.

We have informed the Secretary of the Ministry of Education of the Northern Province, Ilangova, on several occasions, that the Sri Lanka Teachers’ Union has informed us in writing about the irregularities in education in the Northern Province and no action has been taken so far.

We were informed in writing about the abuses that took place in the famous primary school and famous girls’ schools in Jaffna.

In addition, we have been told several times by the principal of a popular school in the archipelago that the teachers are in constant crisis.

Now that the new governor has been appointed to the Northern Province, we have informed him in writing about the malpractices and corruption in the Northern education sector in the hope that he too will find a solution.

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