Corsica: the FLNC claims 17 attacks over the past year

Corsica: the FLNC claims 17 attacks over the past year

They want to make their “return” a media event, and settle some confusion with another clandestine collective. This Tuesday, the FLNC (Corsican National Liberation Front), a nationalist and separatist group advocating often violent actions rather than the political route to make its demands heard with the State, indicated in a press release sent to Morning run his intention to continue the fight. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the death of activist Yvan Colonna, the clandestine group has also claimed responsibility for 17 attacks against residences or companies over the past year.

The FLNC confirmed to be at the origin of the explosion which destroyed a house under construction in Galeria (Haute-Corse) on the night of Thursday to Friday. GTY (Editor’s note: Gloria to tè Yvan) and FLNC tags had been found on the house belonging to people who live in France. The group also claimed the destruction of three residences under construction, located in the municipalities of Villanova and Alata (Corse-du-Sud), last Sunday.

“Those who come to live with us thinking that they are at home”

“We will continue to act (…) against the rampant settlement colonization by taking action against the residences, secondary and main, of those who come to settle with us thinking that they are at home”, warns the group. clandestine in its press release, also warning “the banks which finance the loans with the purchase or the construction” of these houses. “The FLNC, soon to be 50 years old, has not yet ceased its fight for the freedom of the Corsican people”, write the authors.

The FLNC also evokes the investigation after the assassination in prison of the independence activist Yvan Colonna by a fellow prisoner in the prison of Arles (Bouches-du-Rhône), in March 2022, while he was serving a life sentence. for the assassination of the prefect Claude Erignac. A commission of inquiry has been created at the National Assembly to shed light on this assassination.

“Succession of lies in the Colonna file”

In their press release, the separatists denounce “a masquerade”. “The succession of lies and voluntary omissions in the file of the assassination of Yvan Colonna owe nothing to chance”, writes the group in reference to the latest revelations of the commission of inquiry, which indicated on March 15 that the activist’s attacker had been the subject of two disturbing sightings the day before the attack.

“This masquerade of ministers and prison and political officials confirms our certainty that the French institutions have the intention of covering up a case which demonstrates an operation of revenge by the great bodies of the State”, writes the FLNC again.

In conclusion, the separatists evoke the emergence of the new clandestine group, the “GCC” (Clandestine Corsican Youth), which announced its creation at the beginning of February. “We also take note of the appearance of a new clandestine sign (…) Each engagement in the struggle is a sign of political vitality that we can only welcome”, they indicate. “A little haste made them take the paternity of actions that were carried by our organization. (…) On their actions, our acronym is sometimes affixed next to theirs on the walls or construction machinery. This method should be banned,” writes the FLNC.

Since the beginning of the year, about fifteen second homes have been damaged. In total, several dozen have been affected over the past year by arson or explosive charges. The National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office has announced that it is seizing all of these facts, as well as “the entire GCC file”.


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