Corso di Napoletano at Palazzo Venezia

twelve o’clock, September 25, 2021 – 3:29 pm

The PaVe association hosts I Lazzari on the occasion of the European Day of Languages

On 26 September 2021, the EUROPEAN LANGUAGE DAY will be celebrated throughout Europe, promoted by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg together with the European Commission which represents 47 member states.

This year also the NAPOLETAN LANGUAGE enters among the various initiatives that encourage cultural exchanges between the peoples of the world thanks to the I Lazzari Social Promotion Association (which for years has promoted Neapolitan culture through the Neapolitan language, literature, theater and traditional and popular music) which brought interesting events to the city.

The NEAPOLITAN LANGUAGE COURSE (which I Lazzari have already held for years) will start on Tuesday 28 September 2021, from 5.45 pm and will last until the end of January 2022 (15 lessons) and will be held by Davide Brandi, at Palazzo Venezia , PaVe Association, in via Croce in Naples.

the longest event with the most appointments among all the hundreds of events organized throughout Europe but which concern other languages: mainly English, then French and the other national languages.

The uniqueness of this event lies precisely in the fact that the Council of Europe has promoted a language erroneously considered “minor” (by local and national politicians because it is never protected or promoted with the exception of the Campania Region with the recent establishment of a specific Commission for safeguard) but which has deep roots in history, drawing terminologies from Greek, Latin and loanwords from the populations of the Mediterranean and which spread throughout the planet thanks to the millions of Neapolitans / Campania present in large and small cities and above all thanks to the traditional song and Neapolitan lyric highly appreciated in the past as nowadays.

The Neapolitan language course promoted by the Council of Europe will be held in the historic Palazzo Venezia in Spaccanapoli, via Benedetto Croce n.19, NAPLES, and will be a useful tool for anyone who wants to learn its history and evolution but above all for those who want to learn to write it correctly.

The inaugural meeting will be attended by Prof. Nicola De Blasi, Professor of History of the Italian Language and Dialectology at the Federico II, Academic of the Crusca and member of the aforementioned Regional Commission.

To participate easily, just send an e-mail to the address: [email protected] or call 3318923006.

25 September 2021 | 15:29

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