Cosmetic surgery, whitening: London bans advertising that can make young people mentally ill

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GUK wants to reduce the incentive to underage cosmetic surgeries and bans such advertising in youth media. From May 2022 onwards, advertisements for breast enlargement or reduction, tummy tuck and eyelid lift or rhinoplasty may no longer be placed in magazines and TV programs that are aimed at people under the age of 18 or that are increasingly consumed by this age group.

The ban also applies to skin rejuvenation treatments, laser or light treatments and teeth whitening products, as the Advertising Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) announced on Thursday.

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There is growing evidence that children and adolescents are prone to pressure to conform to an ideal with their bodies, the CAP said. Negative body perceptions prevailed in the age group.

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Woman with eyes closed and hand on her face after bathing, close-up

Optimization and beauty

This affects the self-esteem, well-being and mental health of teenagers. The risks of cosmetic interventions and their attractiveness for young people who struggled with their body awareness made high hurdles for advertising essential, said CAP boss Shahriar Coupal.


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