Cosmetics brand deals in feminist shitstorm

Cosmetics brand deals in feminist shitstorm

The cosmetics group NYX advertises a new lipstick with a man. The US brand has been heavily criticized for this. Especially from women – they feel left out.

Pssssst, in case you didn't know, men with lipstick are actually nothing new.

Pssssst, in case you didn’t know, men with lipstick are actually nothing new.Imago

The company NYX Professional Makeup is confronted with a small Shitstorm on the social media. The trigger is an advertising photo that the US cosmetics brand, which belongs to L’Oréal, published on Instagram a few days ago: A single image presenting the new lipstick “Smooth Whip” – albeit on a man with a beard. NYX has around 14.5 million followers on Instagram; Thousands of users commented on the photo, including many women.

“Apparently you don’t need us as customers anymore. I am leaving your products behind as you have left and marginalized me,” writes one; “Men are men and women are women. Please stop trying to wipe us out,” commented another. Meanwhile, journalist Sara Gonzales, who is also the CEO of a cosmetics company, summarizes on Twitter: “NYX Cosmetics hires a man with a beard for a lipstick ad and it pisses women off.”

She was confused, wrote a user on Instagram. “Why would you post a picture of a man wearing lipstick and not a woman? Why would this ad make me buy your product if it doesn’t make me feel included?” They felt left out by the ad image, which got more than 27,000 likes. That’s how many react. Some comments have apparently been deleted by the cosmetics brand – presumably those that are particularly disrespectful or aggressive and thus have no place in a healthy debate on the topic.