Cosmi and blasphemies: “I didn’t want to clear the blasphemy”

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The coach Serse Cosmi, after the disqualification for blasphemies, on the official Twitter profile of Crotone says he is ” sorry for the media noise following the interpretation of his statements on Friday in the Lazio post ”. “Are we in a secular country or not?”, Said the coach of the Calabrians.

” Mine was a reflection in general, I only wished that there would be the serenity to evaluate more carefully any sentences said in moments of tension ”, explains the Perugian technician on his statements regarding the expulsion for blasphemous expression received against Turin.

” I only wished that you would have the serenity to evaluate more carefully any phrases said in moments of tension -Cosmi clarifies- I never thought of clearing the blasphemy and passing a blasphemy as a normal thing and what I declared did not want in the least go in that direction. I hope I have thus definitively dispelled any doubts about what my thoughts are and that any exploitation can be avoided ”.

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