Cosmofarma Reaction 2021: Pharmacy towards the near future

Vaccinations, teleconsultation, blood pressure measurement and blood sampling: pharmacies will not only be transformed into health centers, but also into places where you can experience wellness experiences. Home services will also increase, which means that the pharmacy will no longer be just a physical place, but will arrive more and more in people’s homes. All this will be possible only through the digitization, optimization and automation of processes.

These will be the central themes of the conference scheduled for Saturday 11 September at 16.30 entitled: “’European Pharmacy Plus 2025, the main trends in the pharmacy”. In conjunction with the Biological and Natural Sana exhibition, the appointment with Cosmofarma, a leading event in the field of Health Care, Beauty Care and all services related to the world of pharmacy, is back at Bologna Fiere.

The 2021 edition is inspired by the claim “Cosmofarma ReAzione: values ​​at the center”. In fact, values ​​will be protagonists: empathy, listening, time, inclusiveness, resilience, trust, health, human relationships, freedom and sustainability.

“These are the concepts from which to start again – said Francesca Ferilli, general manager of Bos Srl, those that inspire the modern pharmacy and that we have rediscovered in the last period”.

The importance of values ​​is also the title of the speech by the psychoanalyst, Massimo Recalcati, scheduled for 10 September as part of the Cosmofarma Business Conference.

The Nutraceuticals Conference, the relationship between nutraceuticals and pharmacy, is scheduled for Saturday 11 September.

Markets, areas of application, food supplements are the main themes that will find space in the In Farma meeting room. Also on 10 September, at 12 the conference entitled “Build your 2022” will be staged: a comparison between entrepreneurs and pharmacists on issues dedicated to health and well-being. The Fileni company, leader in Italy in white meat from organic farming, and 303 Pharma, a pharmaceutical company that will present the biotech collagen Neosilk, a collagen extracted from the filament of silkworms bred in Japan, will participate.

The post-Covid pharmacy models, the new relationship between pharmacy and patient, the health of the territory, digital in communication from the medical class to the patient / client, will finally be the topics proposed to the 400 pharmacists involved in the Doxapharma survey that will detect the trends of the Italian pharmacy in 2021.

Cosmofarma will take place simultaneously with the SANA events, the international exhibition of organic and natural products, and OnBeauty by Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, an innovative and essential format dedicated to the cosmetics industry.


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