Counter-Strike 2 Player Stunned as Knife Catches Fire: CS2 Bugs and Issues Post-Launch

Counter-Strike 2 Player Stunned as Knife Catches Fire: CS2 Bugs and Issues Post-Launch

Title: Counter-Strike 2 Player Left Stunned as Knife Catches Fire During Round on Overpass

Publication Date: October 2, 2023

Updated: October 2, 2023

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), the highly anticipated sequel to the popular first-person shooter game, has become the talk of the gaming community since its release on September 27. While praised for its graphical improvements and map overhauls, the game has also garnered attention for the numerous bugs and issues that have surfaced post-launch.

One such bizarre and unexpected bug has left players and the CS2 community in awe. Recently, a player shared footage on Reddit showcasing an astonishing incident where their knife caught fire during a round on the map Overpass.

In the video clip, the player is seen switching to a Molotov and throwing it towards the water-logged area close to the B site. However, upon switching back to their knife, it inexplicably caught fire, with the blade fully ablaze while the player still held the grip.

The player, clearly shocked by the unexpected turn of events, quickly retreats to a safer location while trying to comprehend what was happening. Despite attempts to swipe the blade and extinguish the fire, it remains alight. The player then heads towards where the enemy team is located, possibly attempting to flaunt their fiery knife skin, but the round concludes before they can do so.

The CS2 community was quick to express their amazement in the Reddit thread, with many pondering if the fiery knife would have dealt extra damage upon contact with an enemy. One observant player even humorously commented, “The AWP had it too but OP switched too quick, I want my .308 flamethrower Valve.”

This fascinating incident is just one of the issues that CS2 players have encountered since its release. Reports of game-breaking bugs, such as elements from other maps overlapping and affecting gameplay, have emerged. Players have also criticized the underwhelming launch and laggy servers.

Despite these issues, CS2 has already seen tremendous success, with a peak player count surpassing 1.3 million. However, the presence of game-breaking bugs and the absence of key features have left the community desiring a more polished Counter-Strike experience.

As players eagerly wait for updates and improvements from the game developers, this fiery knife incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable and often absurd nature of the gaming world.


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