Covestro inaugurates a chlorine and caustic soda plant in Tarragona

Covestro inaugurates a chlorine and caustic soda plant in Tarragona

2023-06-06 20:22:04

TarragonaThe German multinational Covestro opened this Tuesday a new plant in the southern chemical estate of Tarragona that will allow it to manufacture chlorine and caustic soda with an energy saving of 25%. These two elements are key for the chemical industry and are raw materials for other strategic sectors. The new plant has cost 200 million euros and will create 50 new qualified jobs. The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, who wanted to be present at the inauguration, has celebrated that this investment “confirms the commitment that there is on a global scale with Catalan industry and, specifically, with chemistry in Tarragona”.

Covestro’s commercial manager, Sucheta Govil, explained that to achieve the technology that allows chlorine and caustic soda to be created with so little energy “it took many years of research that involved different countries” and also highlighted that the current plant is unique in the whole world. The general manager of Covestro in Spain, Andrea Firenze, explained that “all the chlorine [que es produirà a la nova planta] it will be used to generate MDI and the caustic soda will be sold on the Iberian market”. MDI (methylene diisocyanate) is the precursor to be able to manufacture rigid polyurethane foams, such as those used to insulate refrigeration equipment and buildings .The world market for MDI is growing and, according to the company’s forecasts, it will grow even more in the coming years.Until now, Covestro had to buy chlorine from a supplier in order to make MDI.

During the inauguration ceremony, which was held on the same floor, both the president of the Generalitat and the representatives of the company highlighted the importance of committing to sustainability and heading towards the ” circularity”.

Covestro is a company based in Leverkusen that was founded in 2015 after a division of the Bayer AG Group. It is dedicated to the manufacture of thermal insulation chemicals and polycarbonate plastics. It has fifty headquarters worldwide and employs 18,000 people. And in Catalonia it is fine. The four headquarters that the multinational has in the State are in Catalonia and employ 500 people.

President Aragonès has praised Covestro’s commitment to the country: “This is how we will make Catalonia one of the most industrialized economies in Europe.”

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