Covid-19, from Japan the smart mask: amplifies the voice and translates into 8 languages

Made of white plastic and shell-shaped, to adapt to any other device used to fight the Coronavirus, the «c-mask» was developed by Donut Robotics and will be produced from next September in 5,000 pieces | Courier TV

Called “c-mask”, the white plastic device – financed thanks to a fundraiser promoted on the Japanese crowdfunding site Fundinno and reached 28 million yen (equal to just over 230,000 euros) – will be produced starting next September in Japan and the first 5,000 units will be sold at a price of 3,980 yen (that is, 33 euros), while the cost of the translation service, not yet specified, will be added separately, through a monthly subscription.

The idea comes from the Japanese company Donut Robotics. It is a smart mask, equipped with an internal microphone to amplify the voice and record conversations and also able to translate what is said in eight different languages ​​(English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian) , through a smartphone and tablet app, to which it connects via Bluetooth.



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