Covid-19, Hospital in Fiera in Bari: ‘does not start’, Emiliano in the sedan

Many people remember the flood of criticism of waste for the hospital in Fiera Milano wanted by the governor of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana, and as many to underline the doubling of costs for the similar initiative launched by the president of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano and his councilor for health, Pierluigi Lopalco.

A hospital repeatedly given ready to accept the Covid surpluses of the Bari polyclinic and other Apulian centers, repeatedly inspected by opposition groups, who censored its dubious performance, and which today risks becoming the classic “banana peel” on which majority and president could stumble and suffer damage.

“Today 9 March… Covid Hospital at the Fair still not received! – the councilors of the regional group of Brothers of Italy write and denounce with a widespread note – we at the Brothers of Italy were right: they had labeled it and it is proving more and more, day after day, a colossal monument to improvisation, which risks causing very serious damage on the eve of a possible new lockdown “.

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“And then – they repeat – as we have always maintained: it would not have been better to implement the beds in the existing facilities and, in particular with regard to intensive care beds, in second-level DEAs and, in the alternative, in first-level hospitals as prescribed by the guidelines of the Ministry of Health? “

“It would have been enough to distribute a few more beds per garrison and we would not have had staff problems – underline the FDI directors – and, moreover, we could have invested those 20 million euros in strengthening prevention measures and in home care. After all, this is what will be done in the future, given that President Emiliano himself stated that once the emergency is complete, those beds and equipment placed in the Fair will find a place in the existing facilities “.

“Today we are hit by a third wave and we find ourselves in great difficulty for the inadequacy of Emiliano and Lopalco. It is time – urged by the Brothers of Italy – that a Commissioner is appointed in Puglia! “

Fabiano Amati

But even the same majority did not spare attacks: “But when does the Hospital in Fiera open? It was scheduled for last Friday – declares the President of the Regional Budget and Planning Commission, Fabiano Amati – and instead there is no news, and in the meantime 18 patients were transferred to Brindisi from Bari, 3 from Taranto and 1 from Foggia”.

“It seems that what was possible for DG Dattoli, ie the opening by last Friday 5, is no longer possible for DG Migliore, in the meantime took over. A curious and innovative principle of administrative discontinuity – adds Amati – leads us to observe a considerable disservice, unless you think, but knowing it I do not believe, Dott. Vitangelo Dattoli like an impostor, who came to the Commission on Monday 1 March to report the imminent opening of the hospital in the Fiera within the maximum time frame of Friday 5 March “.

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“I raise this problem not out of polemical taste, as I always strive – explains Amati – but on the basis of a numerical analysis, able to highlight the disservice that the failure to open generates on the other Asl and in particular on the Asl of Brindisi. In fact, to date it appears that 18 patients from the Asl di Bari, 1 from Foggia and 3 from Taranto are hospitalized in the Brindisi structures, for a total of 22 patients, of which one hospitalized in intensive care “.

“This data of infraregional passive mobility – concludes Amati – implies an almost total employment index for the Asl of Brindisi in the departments functional to the treatment of Covid, represented as follows: Perrino hospital, infectious diseases 20 out of 20, pneumology 20 out of 28, intensive care 8 out of 28; Ostuni hospital, internal medicine 30 out of 36, pulmonology 25 out of 28. It therefore seems clear to me, on the basis of the numbers, how important the opening of the new hospital in Fiera is and how much its inactivity affects other hospitals ”.

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