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Bangalore: The Kovid Test has been tightened for those coming to Karnataka from abroad. Ten days quarantine was made compulsory. From November 1, all foreigners will be re-examined. Karnataka is tightening its controls in the wake of the spread of Omicron in foreign countries.

At the same time, Karnataka had tightened the Kovid test for those from Kerala. The RTPCR negative certificate was mandatory. Covidilla Certificate is mandatory for students.

Students from Kerala should stay in the quarantine for two weeks even if they are not in Kovid. On the sixteenth day the Kovid should be examined again. Colleges and events are banned in colleges.

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Omicron | More countries in fear of Omicron; The virus has been confirmed in 5 more countries

More and more countries are fearful of the new variant of the Corona virus, the Omicron. The virus has been confirmed in five more countries. Israel closed the border. Britain (UK) imposes restrictions on foreign travelers.

Omicron has been confirmed in two people in the UK. They came to the country from South Africa. The new variant has been confirmed for everyone who came to Germany and Italy from South Africa. Kovid confirmed all 61 people who arrived in Amsterdam from South Africa.

One of them was placed in a quarantine near the airport to find out if there was an omicron variant. Israel closed all borders in a situation confirmed by Omikron. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that RTPCR testing will be mandatory for anyone coming to the UK.

The mask will be mandatory again in public places. International travelers should check the Kovid on the second day after going to the quarantine themselves. Boris Johnson said strict control was not planned for the next situation, including Christmas.

Experts warn that the omega B.1.1529 found in Botswana, Africa, is rapidly spreading and capable of overcoming the immune system.

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According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the service will be limited to 14 countries, including the United Kingdom, Singapore, China, Brazil, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Zimbabwe and New Zealand.

The Prime Minister told the gathering that people should be more vigilant and take precautionary measures such as social distance and masks. The meeting evaluated the progress of vaccination in the country and discussed the lack of vigilance of some states in vaccination.


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