The president of the AQR Group writes to Governor Fontana and Minister Speranza: «Let’s put together the resources to strengthen the listening network at the service of the institutions so as not to leave the citizens alone» | Courier TV

Milan, 26 October 2020 – «Immuni has reached 9.3 million downloads in recent days, but this alone is not enough. Today when the notification of a contact at risk arrives you are alone and you cannot create a relationship with the institution that has to follow you ». So says Felice Saladini, president of the AQR Group, who continues: “Digitizing emergency management to give answers to the population is something that can be done immediately and is fundamental both to contain the epidemic and to help citizens”. Saladini, president of the AQR Group which with over 3 thousand workers provides multichannel assistance for dozens of companies, then wrote to the health minister Speranza and the president of the Region to launch the proposal for an alliance starting from the concrete commitment of his group: ” We are ready to make the skills and hardware and software infrastructures that can make a contribution available to our country. We want to be an active part of an alliance to help institutions give support to citizens, in which to involve health professionals, professional associations, volunteers. We are ready to do our part ».


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