Covid-19, statins for cholesterol reduce the risk of death by half

Statins Covid cholesterol: the drug used to lower blood fat levels can reduce the risk of death from Coronavirus by more than 40%

Currently in Italy the number of deaths from Covid-19 is extremely low but the widespread diffusion of the Delta variant, which should soon become dominant over the Alpha variant, worries experts. Also for this reason, new therapies are being studied to prevent Coronavirus and make it harmless in case of contagion. A study by the University of California San Diego School of Medicine published in PLOS ONE found that a very popular and commonly used drug could reduce the risk of death from Covid-19 by 40%. This confirms that indeed the Covid-19 is not really a respiratory disease.

American research has analyzed the effect of statins on Coronavirus, which have long been used to reduce cholesterol. This medicine blocks the liver enzymes responsible for producing fats that can build up in the veins and clog them and is prescribed for 93% of patients with high cholesterol.

Covid cholesterol statins: assuming them the risk of death drops by 41%

A first study conducted by the research body had already hypothesized the association between statins and a reduction in the severity of Covid-19 infection. In the second study, using data from the American Heart Association’s Cardiovascular Disease Registry, the UC San Diego research team applied the original results to a much larger cohort: more than 10,000 hospitalized Covid-19 patients in the United States. .

Specifically, the researchers analyzed the anonymous medical records of 10,541 patients hospitalized for Covid-19 over a nine-month period, from January to September 2020, in 104 different hospitals. “We started from the idea that statins could inhibit SARS-CoV-2 infection through their known anti-inflammatory effects and binding abilities,” said study author Lori Daniels and director of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at UC San Diego Health.

“From these data, we performed more in-depth analyzes and thus confirmed our previous findings that statins are associated with a reduced risk of death from Covid-19 among patients hospitalized for Covid-19.” The ACE2 receptor, the regulatory target of statins, helps control blood pressure. In 2020, the SARS-CoV-2 virus was found to primarily use the same receptor to enter lung cells.

The study found that most of the benefits occur in patients taking medications for cardiovascular disease or hypertension. According to the research team, not only the use of statins but also of drugs against hypertension was in fact associated with a 32% lower risk of death among hospitalized Covid-19 patients. The research was conducted with a statistical approach by comparing the data of patients who took these drugs with those who did not.

According to the researchers, statins and anti-hypertension drugs stabilize the diseases for which they are prescribed, increasing the chances of recovery from Covid-19 patients. “As with any observational study, we cannot say with certainty that the associations we describe between statin use and the reduced severity of Covid-19 infection are definitely due to the statins themselves; however, we can now say with very strong evidence. which may play a role in substantially reducing a patient’s risk of dying from Covid-19, “say the researchers. “We hope the results of our research are an incentive for patients to continue with their medications.”


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