Covid-19 vaccine, doses of the AstraZeneca batch administered in Valle d’Aosta

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The USL specifies: ‘no particular side effects’

AOSTA. Some doses of the ABV2856 batch of the AstraZeneca vaccine were also administered in the Aosta Valley, for which the AIFA has ordered the prohibition of its use as a precaution.

The vaccines of the batch in question were administered between 10 and 19 February last. The health director of the Usl Maurizio Castelli explains that “we have not found any particular side effects”.

In the press release released today, Aifa informs that “following the reporting of some serious adverse events, concurrently with the administration of doses belonging to batch ABV2856 of the AstraZeneca anti Covid-19 vaccine”, the Agency itself “decided in as a precaution to issue a ban on the use of this lot throughout the national territory and reserves the right to take further measures, where necessary, also in close coordination with the EMA, the European pharmaceutical agency “.

“At the moment – adds the Italian Medicines Agency – no causal link has been established between the administration of the vaccine and these events”.


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