Covid, 3 steps to take now to free Italy from the pandemic –

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Vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 as much as possible remains the only way to get out of the pandemic, if not covered in a capillary and complete way, the virus will continue to circulate in an important way, developing dangerous variants.

Not easy to write about vaccines in the days when we mourn the disappearance of an 18-year-old girl who died of a vaccine side effect AstraZeneca. well to make some considerations that we would have liked to share away from such tragic moments.

Accepting to have a significant slice of the adult population not vaccinated for refusal to immunization, which estimates estimate around 17% of Italians or about 10 million, means opening a door to the virus and offering it a new possibility to continue replicating, infecting, kill, allowing the maintenance of viral circulation. The more we are able to reduce its chances of taking root among us, the more likely we are to limit outbreaks.

We also take into account that among the vaccinated they are also present fragile subjects in which vaccinations are less effective (organ transplant, immunosuppressed, cancer patients) and these, if infected, can develop dangerous forms of Covid-19.

Only all together, with a great effort of generosity, altruism and social solidarity, will we be able to definitively emerge from the pandemic. For this good start discuss the need for a vaccination obligation for the entire adult population, at least until we have vaccines also available for the pediatric range.

No medical procedure was free from possible side effects and neither were vaccinations against polio and smallpox whose compulsory and extensive diffusion allowed to free the world from these very serious diseases that plagued the lives of men for centuries. It is likely that we will need further boosters, either to ensure immunity lasts, or to protect ourselves from new viral variants: we need to prepare in time.

The current vaccination campaign will have to become routine and go beyond the current phase. The organizational machine developed by General Figliuolo made it possible to secure a large part of the country, but once the vaccination emergency is over, all will not be over and the current vaccination hubs will have to be reallocated to their normal intended uses.

It is good to plan immediately the logistics and the structuring of an organization that will be able in the near future to manage the recalls of 50 million Italians in a few months or new vaccination needs, with flexibility, timeliness and effectiveness. Nor can it be imagined that these tasks continue to fall, as today, largely on the hospitals that must instead resume their normal care activities at full capacity.

Finally, it is good that the country is freed as much as possible from factors that are not directly controllable and for this reason the government is trying to implement a national plan for the production of licensed vaccines.

Vaccination compulsory, planning flexible and timely structure able to guarantee, outside the emergency, rapid immunizations to the entire population, independent licensed production of vaccines, are the cornerstones for a true and lasting liberation of the country from the pandemic.

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