Covid, a new death and 155 infections in Trentino –

TRENTO. If Bolzano takes a breath of fresh air, with zero new deaths recorded by the pandemic, in Trentino there is a new death, which took place in the hospital. Instead, they are almost 75,000 vaccinations carried out so far in Trentino, according to the latest update this morning, while just over 2,300 swabs identified another 155 new infections. This was reported by the usual Covid bulletin of the provincial health services company.

In detail, the molecular swabs have identified 67 new positive cases, while they are 88 the positives to the antigenic. They have also been confirmed by the molecular 42 positivity intercepted in recent days by rapid tests. Of the new positives of today, 60 are asymptomatic e 87 symptomatic paucis, all followed at home. Today the new infections among children e children are 23 (2 are between 0-2 years, 5 between 3-5 years, 7 between 6-10 years, 3 between 11-13 years and 6 between 14-19 years) while among the over sixty, there are 43 more (15 are between 60-69 years old, 13 are between 70-79 years old and 15 are 80 and more years old).

In hospitals, the number of children remains stable, albeit high resuscitation patients (52), but overall 20 new hospitalizations compensated only minimally by the 8 resignations made yesterday, they bring the total number to 266 (11 more than yesterday).

Others grow 142 units healed that since the beginning of the pandemic have now become 34,386.

On the front of the pads, others to be recorded 1,126 molecules analyzed (715 at the Microbiology Laboratory of the Santa Chiara Hospital in Trento and another 411 at the Fem) which are flanked by 1,201 rapid antigenic tests notified to the Health Authority.

Finally the vaccinations: this morning 74,496 doses were administered, including 26,195 of the boosters. In the total there are also 35,179 doses administered to over eighty-year-olds and 4,582 which indicate how the vaccination campaign is continuing even for those in the age group between 70 and 79 years.


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